Hi! I’m Percy (#3537). I would prefer to be called Percy #1, but there are rules. So many rules. I arrived in Portland June 30th. Golden Bond Rescue delivered me to my foster family after a hectic and long journey from China. Gosh, that van was stinky — only a little bit of it was me. My coat is almost auburn; I get so many compliments about my ginger attributes. When I first got here, I was skinny, but the food here is amazing. The vet lady says I’m 60 pounds of 15-month-old puppy love now.

I mentioned the foster family earlier, but I didn’t say how great the food was… oh wait yes, I did. It’s worth repeating. I love food and hold the world record in fast eating. My foster family got me a crazy dish shaped like a cinnamon roll that makes it difficult, but I’m up for the challenge. Other things you should know about me? I love to be brushed. I will even sit patiently, finding comfort in your attention. That is most important.

The foster fam has another GBR adoption from November of 2020. She is an awesome mentor, teaching me all about the important things in life; playtime in the yard, chasing, wrestling, and determining who will be master of the bark chip pile. (Between you and me, it’s always her, but only because I let her win). I have the tendency to act like a puppy during playtime and I really don’t understand when it’s time to stop and take a nap. Marlo is helping me figure that out. I have also been with the fosters visiting their office and I am the perfect gentleman, offering to snuggle with any client that has the time to pet me. That is most important.

I love walkies, desperately searching for that special smell or occasional leaf. I have heard the fosters saying, “He will need some formal training to help him realize that pulling on a leash isn’t necessary. He will in fact get to where we are all going in good time.”  Seriously guys, I can hear you! Come on! Let’s go slow pokes! In other areas of being good, I hit the mark. I sit for getting my collar put on, I am house trained, I make a great 5:30 am alarm clock, I have perfected the stare with a smile while you are eating. To be honest, the fosters have tried very hard to make sure I have a chance to succeed, by not offering me the opportunity to be bad. If you leave a whole turkey on a dog height counter and expect me to leave it?  Not a chance. At least you won’t have to wash the plate.

I find small animals (squirrels/cats) worth chasing and I wouldn’t recommend being in a household that has them. Why would you have them if you didn’t want to chase them? So many rules. Also, just so you know, if another dog is super aggressive, I want to rumble. Otherwise, I am the perfect, happy go lucky goofball. Toys are awesome. Kids are great if they are nice and don’t mind being covered in my slobber (hee hee) – so awesome. You should see their faces! While I do enjoy a nap, make sure you want to be out and about. Couches are for potatoes. (Yum … potatoes!) I am willing to learn but get distracted easily – see previous reference to potatoes. Most of my ‘faults’ have to do with anxiety. I would love to be with someone that has the time to give me the attention and hugs I deserve. That is most important.


Sex: Male
Age: 0-2 Years
Weight: 45-65 Pounds
Availability: Now
Good with Dogs? yes
Good with Cats? no
Good with Kids? yes