Remy (formally Penny) arrived May 10 and from the moment we met it was love at first sight.  She has the most beautiful red coat, which people often comment on.  She is so sweet and well behaved, except when she insists on sitting in your lap, all 50 lbs of her, but even then she just wants to be next to you and say “I love you”.



When they aren¹t curled up together napping, Remy spends her days playing with her best bud, Milo. They hit it off from the beginning and though she is much bigger than he is, she is very gentle with him.  She loves walks almost as much as meal time and after a long walk she is content to let you rub her belly as long as you want.



We are so grateful to GBR for this perfect match!

Penny/Remy was adopted on June 9, 2018