Thank you Golden Bond for the 6 wonderful years we were able to have with Penny (GBR #2486).

Penny came to us unsocialized to just about everything, including people and dogs, but had basic training like sit and down. It seems she was cared for. With time and work she grew into a confident and socialized dog who we could take everywhere with us.

In fact Penny traveled with us on a boat for 2 years, seeing and playing her way through 20+ states, The Bahamas and Canada. She was able to travel to and explore more places than most people.  This photo shows her enjoying a Bahamas beach sunset.

Thank you for all that you do. We are grateful to have been matched with Penny. We are not sure when we will be ready for another dog and no longer live near Oregon but our friends there all know we rave about our experience with GBR.

-Heather and Kent Sisk


Hard to believe it has been just 3 months since Penny joined our household. When we reached out to GBR we had recently lost a 12 year old Golden who we had raised as a puppy. We knew our dog preference was in high demand and it might take a while but luckily Penny appeared on the GBR website shortly after we went through the application process. When we met Penny we absolutely knew she was the right dog for us and fortunately her foster dad felt we were also the right match for her.

Penny has mostly overcome her hesitation in meeting new people and we are working to help her feel less fearful around other dogs/use appropriate dog manners when seeing other dogs. She absolutely loves retrieving her tennis ball and dropping it right at your feet to have you throw it again and again and again and again. She greets us each day when we come home with a tail wagging so wildly it could knock you over, happy whining and what we swear is a giant smile.

Thank you Golden Bond for all that you to do bring Goldens and those who love Goldens together!

Penny was adopted on October 26, 3014.

Penny’s Available Story:

Penny 2486aHi!   Penny (#2486) is my name and I am a sweet affectionate girl.  If you are looking to get more exercise in your pitching arm then I am the girl for you!  You can throw the ball as much as you want to and I will return it again and again and again . . . like a good Penny.  I turned five years old in August, but I feel like I’m only three or four, especially when I start playing.  Did I mention I love to play fetch?

Okay, enough about playing ball.  Having not been around a lot of other dogs, I wasn’t sure what to think of my foster brother at first.  For about three or four days after I arrived at my foster home, I decided I didn’t want play or eat or, frankly, do much of anything.  Slowly but surely, though, I came out of my shell and now I’m the one who instigates play sessions with my brother all the time.  And, you know what I do when he’s not in the mood to play?  I make my own fun by running circles around him.  My foster brother looks like he’s laughing at me when I run which make me super happy so I start running even faster . . . until I poop out and lay down beside him for a nap.

You may be asking yourself if there’s anything wrong with me.  I sound like perfect dog.  Don’t I?  Well, the truth is that I can be a little slow to adjust to new situations and I’m not sure I like ALL other dogs.  For example, I’m pretty sure I would not get along well with another alpha type, especially if it were a female.  I’m used to making my own dog rules and sometimes other dogs just don’t get it, if you know what I mean.  Aside from that, I think I’m pretty much perfect.  (My foster dad says he agrees.)Penny 2486b

One other thing you may be asking yourself is this:  If Penny is so perfect, why was she surrendered to GBR?  It’s sad, but I will tell you what happened.  My first mom had a friend who breeds Golden Retrievers.  My mom was there the day I was born and she picked me out right away from the other pups in the litter.  She took me home as soon as she could and we had a very special, deep bond.  Sadly, though, she wasn’t as healthy as I am and she had trouble keeping up with me.  After many tears, she decided it would be best if I found a new home.  I don’t like it, but I think she was probably right.  Now I am looking for a home where perhaps I can help an aspiring pitcher work on her/his arm.  I did mention that I love to play ball.  Right?

Sex: Female
Age: 5 years old
Weight: 70 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Possibly with the right dog; Cats: No: Kids: Unknown
Availability: Now