Hi!  If you’re looking for the answer to the question “who’s a good boy” its me Pedro (#3094)!

I came from China early in May and since then I have been in my foster home with two resident female Goldens.

I like being around my human and think of myself as a “Velcro dog.”  I’m not needy like some “Velcro dogs” but I like to be near wherever and whatever you’re doing.  I settle down really well and like to lay by your side. I am loyal and give my love easily.  Because of this I’d do best with someone who will be home with me all day or most of the day.  I’ve stayed at home with one of the resident dogs for about four hours and did really well.  My foster human hasn’t needed to crate me and I do fine in the house.   

I am a dominant male dog.  So, I get along fine with female dogs but shouldn’t be in a home with male dogs.  I play well with the resident dominant female dog.  We play intensely and get rough sometimes but we both know it’s just play and don’t go too far. I leave the older resident Golden pretty much alone.  I wouldn’t do well at day care or the dog park because some (OK most) dogs will not like my rough style of play.  I would be fine in a home as the sole dog.

I do bark sometimes and get concerned about who or what is outside the fence.   My foster human says I can use more training on this but says I’m a good listener. I can be reactive to male dogs but all I do is want to bark at them. I’ve met a couple of neighborhood cats and I like to chase them. Best if I’m in a cat free home.

I’m learning new stuff at my foster home and am easy to train. I aim to please and I’m very treat driven.  I share well with my foster sisters and don’t have any resource guarding issues with them.  We all do treat time together just fine.  

I’m not a very fast walker so I do well on a leash.  I don’t pull a lot but more training and practice will help.  I’d make a good walking or hiking partner.  I may need to work up to longer walks but I think I can get there. I am around three years old so I do like to get out and get exercise. I also like hanging out in the yard. I think I’d be great as someone’s adventure partner.   I ride well in the caralthough so far, I’ve only gone in the car in a crate.

My foster human says I’m a good loving boy who pretty much just wants to be with the person I love.

Pedro is being fostered in Coos Bay, OR.

Pedro was adopted on September 8,, 2019

Sex: Male
Age: 3 years
Weight: 68 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Some; Cats: No: Kids: Unknown
Availability: ADOPTED