I now have siblings named Sargie and Sammie. Since my siblings names end in “ie” I am sometimes called Pearlee!! I know my names.  Sargie and I are great pals. We share all the toys except for my orange and yellow rubber bone. Sammie insists on giving me eye kisses. I don’t really mind them but I do find it puzzling.

Dr. Bob is my new vet.  He has been working on my medication  since I moved here. I am taking an anti inflammatory everyday and a pain pill at night and guess what? I can now walk on all four legs. I have a slight limp but no more 3 legged hopping. I’m doing better every day. I sing to my dad before my meal is served, okay I guess it is more like a howl but he is slow in dishing up 3 meals at a time!!

pearl2Overall Golden Bond, I am one happy dog and my family is happy too. I am loved. Thanks for getting me home.






Pearl was adopted on July 31, 2016.

Pearl’s Available Story:

Pearl 2679bHello America! My name is Pearl (#2679).  I arrived here from Taiwan in early April.  I’m getting around pretty well these days, but I rely on hopping and a funny little three-legged walk to cope with joint problems that resulted from an unfortunate accident in my former country.  I don’t recall exactly what happened, but I believe I may have been hit by a car.  Anyway, despite my pain, I am an extremely sweet and happy girl.  I enjoy playing and wrestling with my 1.5-year old canine friend.  I also like playing with balls and I especially like toys that squeak.  (Listen carefully and you may be able to hear them now.)  I figured out that I can make my foster mom really happy by greeting her with a toy in my mouth when she returns home.  I feel it’s important to give; I’d like to find a partner who shares this value.  Oh!  And I can’t believe I almost forgot to mention this:  I love to eat!  American food is the best!  I used to suffer from tummy troubles, but they’re gone now.  Hurray!

I am able to go on short walks, preferably less than a mile.  I like to follow my person around and I always stay nearby.  I am housetrained but am pretty understated with my signals to go outside so it’s best to keep an eye on me.  I had a few little mishaps at my foster home before my mom figured out my subtle sign language.

Pearl 2679cI am currently taking this amazing drug called Rimadyl daily.  I’m hoping that maybe with the right combination of drugs and physical therapy, my joints could feel even better.

In conclusion, I would absolutely love to find a life partner who wants to spend a lot of time at home with me and who enjoys short walks. If that person is you, then I will make sure you receive as much love as you give – and then some!

Sex: Female
Age: Between 5 - 7 years old
Weight: 66 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Yes; Kids: 10+
Availability: Adopted