Hi! I am Peanut (#3346). I am currently staying with my foster mom in Washington state. I have two foster sisters: a Newfoundland and a Golden Retriever. I love them both, but in different ways. I get to play chase with my Newfy sister. She will chase me, and I will run as fast as I can, until I end up in a corner of the yard and then I drop into submission. I mean, have you seen the size of a Newfoundland? She can run me over without even realizing it. My Golden foster sister is more fun to try to get to play with. She is closer to my size, but she is older and not as willing to play. When I can coax her into playing, we wrestle and play bite-y face. We also roll around and make growly noises. I have had friends come over to play, and a few friends have been young dogs. They are so much fun! I love to play chase, and wrestle and just play with other dogs. I am very sad when my new friends leave, and look for them often after they are gone.

I have just recently learned about hiking. Hiking is great! I love to be outside in the woods with all the smells and beasts! Squirrels and chipmunks are evil and I will catch them all!!!

I like to go on walks around my neighborhood, but make sure all other dogs and people know that my foster mom, foster sisters and friends are not to be approached without going through me. I tell the other dogs no, and let other people know that I see them. My foster mom is working on getting me more used to strangers, but I am a bit distrustful of strangers until my foster mom let' me know they are okay.

I walk well on a Wonder Walker harness, but don't like my leash to be attached to my collar. I act all crazy when I am being pulled by my neck, but really do you blame me? Having a nice harness that lets me know where my people want me to go, without pulling on my neck, is so much nicer and I will happily walk well on a harness.

While I have just a TON of energy and have yet to tire out, I am also a very calm dog in the house. My foster mom works all day, and I sit in her office with her. I spend most of the day sleeping while she works, but every now and then I go out the dog door to check on any beasts that might be in the backyard. These are evil squirrels, rabbits and birds that need to know I am here and ready to protect my foster family. I am very agile, and giggle at my foster mom's use of dog gates. She tries to keep us dogs out of certain areas of her house by using dog gates. I just giggle at her and jump over them when she is on the other side of them. Jumping is fun, so I think she does it to try to challenge my agility, but I could use a much bigger challenge. My foster mommy is so funny with her doggie gates.

I like a lot of attention, but hugs are still a little scary to me. Being held down at the vet’s office while getting poked and prodded has caused me to not trust hugs much. My foster mom now hugs me lots and lots to help me understand that it is a form of love and not being tortured.

I am not a fan of kids. They scare me like nothing else. I try to run from them, but if I can't, I growl and make sure they know not to come near me. I would be best in a home with no kids under 15. I would hate to think I might hurt someone due to being afraid of them.

Adoption fee: $900 plus $35 microchip fee



Sex: Female
Age: 0-2 Years
Weight: 20-45 Pounds
Availability: Now
Good with Dogs? yes
Good with Cats? unknown
Good with Kids? no