My name is Pansy (#3205).  I arrived from China on May 29.  I was a bit shy and nervous, but after being out of my crate just a few minutes,  I realized I was safe and life was about to get a LOT better!

 My foster mom has a bit to say about me so I’ll let her type now.  (My typing skills are even worse than my English!)

A note from Pansy’s foster mom:  Pansy is a real sweetheart and bit of a Velcro dog.  She is being fostered with Lily (#3206) and resident golden dog Teddy.  She is taking everything in, learning from them and staying close to me or whoever is here to meet her.  She likes to play but enjoys people more.

She engages in play and runs around with the other dogs, but they are much faster and more exuberant than she is.  She walks pretty well on a leash. She does love the tennis ball and is pretty gentle with it; she even ran a bit after I threw it for her.  And, speaking of tennis balls, she is pretty stealthy and managed to steal one at the pet store that was not noticed until we got home.   She walked one mile with it hidden in her mouth!!

Pansy has been on antibiotics and prednisone for a skin issue that is clearing up nicely.  A couple more sensitive skin baths and she will be doing great!

She needs to add about five more pounds on her frame and I’m sure with continued better food and nutrition she will do that quickly.  Her back legs are a bit weak, she slides quite a bit on the hardwoods and linoleum.  As soon as her nutrition improves and she gets more consistent exercise, her legs should strengthen.  Having her food dish elevated and feeding her where her back legs can be on a rug has been very helpful.

Pansy watches Lily and Teddy for cues as to what to do and copies it.  (Good = Playtime.  Bad = Grabbing something she shouldn’t have and dragging it outside.)  She sleeps well in her crate but she loves to stretch out and prefers the cooler floors.  She has not had an accident in the house at all.  She learned the dog door quickly, but prefers to have the door opened for her.

She was a counter surfer, but now just sits and waits for her food – right on your feet because she wants to get fed first!

Pansy will do best in a home with another patient but playful dog that she can learn from, or on her own where she has someone home most of the time since she really craves attention.  She has never been alone (she was with other dogs in Beijing) so I’m not sure how she would do as an only dog.

She is truly a dream dog and will make someone a very happy pawrent.

Pansy was adopted on June 28, 2019


Sex: Female
Age: 4 1/2 years
Weight: 57 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Unknown; Kids: Unknown
Availability: ADOPTED