Sadly, our precious boy Oscar 2724, renamed Harry Lokker, passed away July 12, 2020, after giving us 3 years, 8 months, and 6 days of absolute joy.  When we adopted Harry, he was a little guy rescued from a slaughterhouse in China with a terribly painful past but he still had the capacity to love and was the sweetest pup.  We are heartbroken but we know that Harry’s life mattered and it was a big life.  He was at our side nearly 24/7 in our retirement years, as our travel buddy during several cross-country road trips from Idaho to Louisiana and back and the Washington coast.

Harry was the center of our universe from the moment he came into our family.  He was perfect.  He was the sweetest boy with absolutely no bad habits.  He didn’t steal food, he never went to the bathroom in the house, he wouldn’t even eat food dropped on the floor.  He was a good natured, silly, and very sedentary boy who did not like the outdoors for anything other than backyard bathroom time and watching the neighbor cat from the front yard.  What Harry did do was bark but not in an annoying way.   It was Harry’s language.  He barked when he wanted to go for a ride in the car, when he wanted us in the same room with him, and when he thought we might- be leaving without him (which we rarely did).  Harry never barked in anger, never growled at anything or anyone, played subtle Harry games with his yellow balls.  He loved his watermelon, oranges, cherries, and was happiest when all three of us were in the same room.  He loved his puppachinos, “tackled” our ankles for some love when we walked past him, and never ever reached the bottom of his love-well. Harry was NEVER scolded, shouted at, or ever heard a harsh word. He gave us signs that he knew we adored him and loved him so deeply… and he appreciated his family.
Harry’s Favorite Events and Things
Wait in bed for a pill appetizer

Breakfast with tasty topper, potty break and morning soup

Back to bed for a couple hours of love & a nap in the sunshine

Watch tv with Mommy and Daddy, maybe on the couch

Pets and love by the couch and 2pm pills and his favorite fruit treat

Rides in the car with visits to stores to meet nice people

“Coffee” in The Village with Mommy n Daddy

Stare down sessions with Socks the cat & relaxing on Mt Bunni

Snooping the woodpile and fence line

Resting at our feet under the island during every meal

Afternoon tv, some brushing, and more loves

Dinner, mmm, with yummy topper, vitamins, and pills

Potty, evening soup, fruit snacks and anything else he wanted to sample

Evening tv on the couch

Watching the neighborhood from his front door

Watching the neighborhood from his front step or Mt Bunni

Playing yellow ball and Hanna tricks

Directing Mom n Dad when it was bedtime about 830-9

Big drink of bedroom French water

Snuggle time on the bed with Mommy n Daddy

“I want down now cuz it’s time for serious sleepy time”

Fresh air and fans all night!

Harry came to the United States with stage five dental disease which required 18 teeth to be pulled immediately, severely malnourished to the point his hair was almost gone, had a benign tumor removed, and was neutered.  His foster mom helped start him on the road to recovery and we adopted him about a month after that, on November 6, 2016.  Unfortunately, Harry later had other health issues including a diagnosis of spinal stenosis, more tooth extractions until he was left with 4 teeth, a low thyroid, and tricuspid and mitral heart valve deficiency.  He was on several medications for his illnesses.

Our life was perfect until Saturday, July 11, 2020.  Harry collapsed with an apparent stroke which left his head tilting, unable to walk, and his heart failing.  Harry’s fight ended peacefully at 2:00 pm July 12, 2020 with us at his side.  No amount of time will heal the hole in our hearts.  We love Harry and will carry him in our hearts always.  Thank you, Harry.   We will miss you so much and always will…you made us and the world a better place.




Oscar  came to the United States on September 30, 2016, from China.  He was rescued from a dog meat slaughterhouse and was severely malnourished and with several other medical issues.  Immediately upon his arrival in the U.S., he received medical treatment including removal of a benign tumor, neutering, and the surgical removal of all but five of his teeth due to

severe infection.  Oct. 4, 2016, his Golden Bond Rescue Foster Mom took him in and so began his road to recovery.

We applied for adoption even though we live in Idaho.  The end of October we received a call from the Foster Mom asking if we would be interested in Oscar.  We said yes absolutely and by November 6th we had driven to Eugene, OR, met and fell in love with Oscar (now renamed Harry).

Harry is the perfect pup.  He is sweet, loving, and is learning to be loved.  He adores food, car rides, shopping, taking his half out of the middle of the bed, and is developing a sense of fun and play.  We are so thankful to Golden Bond Rescue of Oregon and all involved for saving Harry.  We want you to know that we will love him forever.


Oscar was adopted on November 6, 2016.



Oscar’s Available Story:

oscar-2724eHi everybody . . . this is Oscar’s foster mom. I usually let my foster dogs tell their own story, but in Oscar’s case, I want to tell you about this amazing little boy.

Oscar (#2724) is a wonderful little Golden from China whom we are pretty sure got rescued from the meat trade there. When I first met him, he was the most pathetic looking little guy I’d ever seen.  He had been really neglected, he was way underweight, literally skin and bones, a lot of his fur was gone due to poor nutrition and what fur he had left felt like straw. (See “before” photo below.)  After his long trip from China, he had 18 teeth pulled because they were so rotten, was neutered and had a benign cyst removed.  But even looking so pathetic, in pain and after his long flight, he was still the happiest little guy you could ever meet with his tail wagging all the time.

Originally I could tell he was sleeping with one eye open (sure that was due to being a street dog) and if I walked by him, he would put up his head with a start. Now if I walk by him while he’s sleeping, he just wags his tail and doesn’t even open his eyes.  I think he knows he’s really safe now.  He has become such a trusting little guy.

oscar-2724fIn the short time I’ve had him, his fur is finally growing back and it feels so soft instead of like straw; he’s eating very well and gaining weight all the time, but he still needs to gain more.  When he first got here, he didn’t know what a toy was and now he has become quite the little hoarder of toys!  He likes being in his crate (door open) because he feels like it is his little refuge. He walks well on a leash, but will need more training to get it down perfectly.  He knows come and sit . . . well, most of the time.  He is very smart and willing to learn new things all the time.  Oh, and he likes riding in the car and really likes getting brushed.

We’ve been told he isn’t good with cats, which might be true, since he does chase and bark at squirrels.   He has been with my two dogs plus another foster dog and they all get along really well.   I’m not sure how he would be with kids, because he hasn’t been around them, but I think he would love up on older ones big time because he is such gentle boy.

This little guy continues to just be a happy camper every day, trotting in the backyard and wagging that little tail of his all the time. The first time I saw him really run was so fun . . . you could just see the joy on his face.  This is one very happy, great little guy who needs to gain weight and be loved on big time.

Oscar’s “before” photo: oscar-2724d

As you can see, he as come a long way already.  He will make an amazing companion for some lucky family and once his fur has finished growing back, he is going to be one gorgeous Golden.

Notes from Oscar:

So, yes, I’m from China…I’m not sure about my history there but I’m pretty sure it was awful, and I’m so glad I’m not there anymore and am now living in the USA in a loving home, with lots of food, love, toys and room to run.  As my foster mom said, I am one very happy boy and looking for a furever home with someone who will continue to help me become the wonderful dog I know I am.   I’ll need lots of good quality food, love and attention. Oh and yes, please, please lots of toys since I now know what they are now!  Could my forever home be with you?


Sex: Male
Age: About 7 years old
Weight: 54 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: No; Kids: 10+
Availability: Adopted