My name is Orlando (#3760)  but my foster family calls me “Orvy.”  I am a sweet, goofy 2-year old 60-pound Golden who mostly wants to hang out with my people. I have typical toddler energy: I love long walks (45 minutes or so twice a day) and playing with my toys, especially food puzzles and Nylabones. (If you give me a stuffed toy, I will be thrilled, but you have to keep a close eye to make sure I doesn’t tear it to shreds and eat it.) The rest of the time, I am a total couch potato who just wants to watch TV and snuggle or snooze under your desk while you work.

I am incredibly affectionate, and I grumble cheerfully when I am happy; my trainer calls these grumbles my “bear noises.” My ideal day is full of walks, naps, pets, and snacks—I especially love diced apples, frozen Kongs with peanut butter, and shredded mozzarella. I can easily walk for three miles or more at a time, so I would be a great hiking or running companion. However, I also love a leisurely, meandering sniff.

I am housebroken and have very good house manners most of the time, though you have to keep an eye on your socks/gloves/hats when I am having my morning/evening puppy zoomies and always keep your counters clear of temptations. I am doing great in training: I’m working on “sit,” “down,” “drop it,” “go to your bed,” and “off” (the counter—it’s coming along, but still not great). I am very good when you are preparing breakfast and lunch, but still need to practice staying down and out of the way when you’re cooking dinner. My foster family recommends crating me at dinnertime until I am more trustworthy.

I walk very well on a leash with the type of harness that does not chafe my armpits. I can be left in my crate with a Kong or a Nylabone, but a home where my people are around most days would be ideal.  Alas, I rise without fail at 6:15 AM for breakfast and a walk, but I head right back to bed after that.

I coexist happily with the resident foster family dog, who has occasionally been kind of a jerk to me —I’ve handled her bad attitude with great equanimity. I am also comfortable with strange people: I’ve had visits from lots of repair folks as well as men, women, and teenaged guests. I haven’t been introduced him to any smaller children or cats.

If you’re looking for a jolly, active pup who is already mellowing into an extremely chill, sweet dog, I may be for you! My foster family tells me they will be very sad to see me go.  I will miss them but I’m excited to find my forever family.




Sex: Male
Age: 2-5 Years
Weight: 45-65 Pounds
Availability: MEETING A FAMILY
Good with Dogs? yes
Good with Cats? unknown
Good with Kids? unknown