My husband Jim and I have always had dogs. For years we breed and raised American Cocker Spaniels. our dogs were always family and we stood by as each of them crossed over. All late in life. As our fur family aged so did we and we knew that we couldn’t be without a canine companion.

Sadly last year we had to say goodbye to our beloved Emily.  In the months prior to her passing, I had contacted Golden Bond Rescue and submitted our application for a Golden rescue. The process wasn’t easy but we didn’t want it to be. We wanted the team to know without a doubt we would care for one of the rescues.  Joyfully we were approved for a dog.

Then came the really hard time. Time after Time we were passed over for a dog by the fosters. Was it our home? Was it our age (we are retired seniors)?  What was wrong with us?  Our amazing manager Lyn kept assuring us we were great and it would happen.  Months passed. We lost our last baby girl to kidney failure at the age of 14.  We were devastated.

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Then came the call. Lyn said they were getting a F2A  (foster to adopt) and we needed to tell her yes or no that night.  We said yes. In a few days we were contacted by another GB volunteer to meet her for our Dog.  We were beyond excited.

When we met the volunteer she opened her back tailgate showing us a terrified, magnificent English Cream Golden. Her name was/is Opal. Opal came from a breeder who knew it was time for her to have a life of her own.  She still showed her coat loss and descending nipples from her last litter.  One look and I knew she was mine.

Fast  forward ahead 4 months.  Opal is blooming.  The dog that waded but would not swim will not get out of the river. She stays at my side at all times. Has become bossy and silly.  Her coat is now thick and beautiful and in certain light has a pink tinge.

She loves our other rescue and they spend their days together finding all sorts of trouble.

Do I still miss my Cockers? Without any doubt. Do I think of them? Of course. But Opal came into our lives at the exact moment we were meant to have a dog and she will be loved, cherished and laughed at the rest of her days

Thank you again GBR for all you do for the dogs and the humans who need them

Jim and Candise

Opal was adopted March 18, 2017