Nine years ago my husband and I adopted Ollie, a two year old golden who had been hit by a car and surrendered by her previous owners. For 9 amazing years, this beautiful friend was our companion, our cuddle bug, and the love of our life.

When Ollie came to live with us, we weren’t crazy about her name. It sounded like a name for a boy. So we renamed her Olive. We came up with all sorts of nicknames for her: Olivia, Olive Oyl, Olivita. She was an amazing dog that was so full of love for everyone.

Sadly, she passed away last Friday. We are heartbroken. We miss her terribly.

I just wanted to thank Golden Bond for allowing us the honor of sharing our lives with this amazing fur baby. She will forever be a part of our hearts and we will miss her terribly.

Debbie Marvin – “Be the person your dog thinks you are.”