Ollie (Oliver) joined our family in mid-August and has been with us now for a little over two months. We couldn’t have asked for a sweeter, more loving dog. He is still in the process of learning to trust us and becoming comfortable in his new home but he is showing us daily how happy he is to be with us.





Ollie is “crazy mad” for water and is ecstatic to be in it regardless of whether it is a river, creek, bathtub, watering hose or a puddle after a rainfall. It doesn’t matter to Ollie as long as it’s wet. He is loving his daily walks on wooded trails, local rural roads and grassy fields. So many critters and smells and so little time!



We feel so fortunate to have Ollie as part of our family and are very grateful to Golden Bond and his loving, foster family for allowing us to become Ollie’s forever family.






Hello everyone! My name is Oliver (#3229) but my friends call me Olly. My favorite things in the whole

world are people, walks and swimming!! I love, love, love attention and am happiest when I’m with my human(s). I’m also really good with kids, cats and other dogs. My energy level is normal when I’m in the house and out for a walk, but then supercharged when I get to go swimming once a

week. Did I mention I adore swimming?

Everyone says I’m smart, beautiful (shucks) and very sweet! I was a little out of shape, but my foster parents have been taking me on lots of walks (and swimming!) which I love. I still clock in at about 90 pounds, but I think I’m a lap dog and love being near people. I also love to get on couches and beds, so if you are ok with that, I’m a good cuddle buddy. I originally came from a home where I was with my human 24/7 and had a great life. But then for the past 2+ years, I was in a home that didn’t have time for all the love I have to give.

My foster parents say that I’m as gentle as a kitten and I’ve got pretty good manners. For example I sit nicely and have re-learned to walk on a leash. My foster parents say that because I’m so eager to please, I just need some positive reinforcement with my training to become perfect. For example, I need some fine tuning on coming when called, and not barking at people walking down the street when I’m looking out the window or when I’m startled. But I do NOT like fireworks or loud noises. I also do NOT like to be crated, but if I’m left alone in the house for a few hours by myself I’m totally fine.

I’m really excited to meet my forever family. I have a big heart and so much love to give. I’d really like to be with a family where I can be active and where I’ll get lots and lots of attention!!

A note from my foster parents: Olly is truly amazing! He will especially thrive in a home where his human(s) works from home or is retired so that he can get lots of attention. He is obsessed with swimming and if he can get to a beach, lake or river once a week during the summer he will be ever so happy. Strangely, he is not obsessed with food like most Goldens, but we haven’t fed him near any other dogs so we don’t know if he is food aggressive. He gets along superbly with most dogs and just wants to play. Only one time did he gowl at a little dog, but that dog may have growled first. We have 2 cats and he barely looks at them. His only bad habit is barking at people through the window, but we’ve been working with him and it’s getting better. He loves being petted and will follow us from room to room to be near us, but usually settles down nicely after a minute or two of attention. He’s going to make someone an awesome fur baby!

Oliver was adopted on August 12, 2019


Sex: Male
Age: 5 years
Weight: About 90 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Yes; Kids: 10+
Availability: ADOPTED