As we understand Nugget’s history, he’s 6.5+ years old.  Lived with his owner for 6 years until the man died.  Nugget then went to live with a neighbor in Damascus for about 6 months, but this didn’t work out well because the new owner already had a golden who was 10 and was jealous and depressed over Nugget moving in.  So he gave Nugget up to Golden Bond.

The timing was perfect.  Our golden, Rocky, whom we got thru Golden Bond 12 years ago, passed away in late May and we wanted another golden right away.  We missed Rocky very much, and Sammy (our 14 year old dachshund) did, too, since they had been raised together and were constant companions.

We’ve had Nugget about two months now.  He’s an extremely happy, active, fun dog and we love having him around.  He’s very affectionate and loves to be with us all the time.  He and Dave go for long walks every day.  Sammy and I join them for part of the way, then we turn around and head home, leaving them to carry on.

Dave’s been working with a trainer to teach Nugget to sit, stay, and come.  “Come” is the hard one.  He tends to get distracted, but with time and patience, he’ll get it.

Nugget was adopted July 18, 2015