Nola joined our family, stepping into the big, sweet shoes Bella left behind and giving Hansi (one of the GB Burns rescue dogs) a new sister, which he’d badly missed having after Bella died. Nola was very respectful of her new home, adapting quietly to the routines, keeping a rather low profile at first while learning the ropes….and now, once she’s sized it all up, her personality sure has emerged more everyday! She’s become more and more desirous of playing with Hans (and he with her), she’s discovered the toy baskets, and she’s found her favorite spots to sleep (upstairs and down). Now she has even started ‘hinting’ at some new places she wants beds made for her!! She wanted one under David’s desk upstairs, and got it. Wanted one on each side of the waterbed, got them, and then wanted another under my computer desk too….got it! She lets us know by dragging some already-set-up bedding over to new spots!! But she wants the original beds too—and sometimes, Hansi’s bed! So now I’d say Nola has about 5.5 beds (the half bed, really being Hansi’s) located in different places around the house, mostly the spots we frequent.

She’s also figured out how to ask for food—she picks up Hansi’s bowl (lighter in weight, being plastic, while hers is the one Bella had, a ceramic bowl) and bringing it to me, dropping it at my feet! She has adapted to the multitude of outdoor kitties, and though she loves to watch them, she doesn’t go crazy trying to get them….loves to sniff where they’ve walked in the north yard, following their scent trails…and whatever other scent trails are out there (raccoons?) Nola has a true snore going at night sometimes, too, and she has one during her waking hours as well—a kind of ‘snort’ or ‘sniffle’ she makes, which surprised us the first few times but now just seems part of who she is (the vet told us not to worry about it.)

Nola greets guests happily (was in heaven last evening when three friends came over for a birthday dinner….dog lovers, all three, so she was never long without someone petting and cooing at her…at one point, she fell asleep with her head resting sweetly on one friend’s shoes.)

Nola carries toys all over the house, and she’s made an art out of unstuffing most of them—is currently working diligently on a very large teddy bear that had survived several dogs just fine! Nola is a doll. We all love her dearly and are so grateful to have this sweet 8-year old in our world. Another Golden Bond success story—creatures I’ve come to treasure since about 2005, when I first brought Harley and Sassy home.

Nola was adopted on July 31, 2015.

Nola #2571Meet Nola (#2571).  Nola is an energetic 8-year old Golden who misses having a big yard.  Nola has been described as “friendly, happy and loyal.”  She previously lived with a small dog and a cat; she liked the dog and ignored the cat.  Nola could stand to lose a pound or fifteen, but she seems to know instinctively that beauty is only fur deep.

Sex: Female
Age: 8 years
Weight: 70 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Yes; Kids: 10+
Availability: Adopted