Nikki is immensely joyful, healthy, active, snuggly, an excellent communicator; and is best buds with our 20-month-old Golden, Ella.

Fortunately, Nikki loves Orijen puppy kibble, veggies, salmon, vitamins, and eye drops; because they have allowed her vision to improve drastically since she joined us in early April. We would have loved Nikki just the same if this was not the case, still, it is amazing to see her abilities and confidence soar as her vision improves!


Nikki is a wonderful addition to our family. Thank you to all of the people that made her rescue possible! She is a dream come true!





My name is Nikki (#2982).   I am a 4-month old Golden Retriever from China. I recently weighed in at 35 pounds but that number changes rapidly.  My vet tells me I am going to be a nice, big Golden, likely over 70 pounds by the time I stop growing.

My foster family says I am everything wonderful about Goldens and puppies.  They say I am smart, energetic (but I also love to nap), eager to please, cuddly, respond well to training, and friendly with adults, kids, and other dogs. (I’ve had no exposure to cats, but I’d probably adore them like I do every living creature.) I am happy-go-lucky and incredibly well adjusted, which is amazing given the fact that I overcame parvovirus and pneumonia as a baby in China, have had corrective eyelid surgery in the last month, and have less-than-perfect eyesight due to congenital cataracts. You’d never know it by my attitude, though!  I chase my Golden foster sister around the yard, fetch at short distances, and can sniff out a treat like a champ.

Like any puppy, I will need behavior training. I already come on command and sit politely when asked and before meals. I am a very quick study, so it will take me no time to learn other commands and to walk on a leash. I would love to be part of a family that will play, play, play with me, take me for walks, and let me snuggle up for naps. My very favorite spot to sleep is on my people’s feet, but dirty shoes or a used towel will do as a pillow in a pinch.

Due to my cataracts, I will need to be with a family who will give me my daily vitamins and eyedrops and take me to see an eye specialist 1-2 times a year. My eye doctor is hopeful with my current regimen that I won’t need cataract surgery, but it’s possible the cataracts will progress, making surgery necessary to restore my eyesight in the future.

Honestly, I would be happy in any warm and loving home, and will make my forever family incredibly happy. My foster family tells me I’m an incredibly special dog.

Nikki was adopted on April 8, 2018


Sex: Female
Age: 4 months
Weight: 35 pounds
Attributes: Dogs; Yes; Cats: Probably; Kids: 10+
Availability: ADOPTED