Pumpkin is probably the best thing that has happened to us in a long time. She LOVES her new family (all her uncles, aunties and grandmas, grandpas and even great grandmas!) and is adored and doted on by everyone who meets her. We feel so incredibly lucky to have such a well mannered and incredible dog as part of our family. Her arrival has been seamless into our lives, its like we were always meant to be together! Her favorite parts of the day are napping, studying with mom, walking with dad and getting treats.



At home, we work on positive interactions with other dogs and we are happy to say that she has come very far and is now off her medication. We continue to see her build more skills every week! We also work on learning tricks (we’re currently working on twirling and heeling while walking). She still loves her snuggles but can be a little seat stealer when you get up off the couch! But, we’re all learning to share.  As a bonus, we now have no need for an alarm clock as Pumpkin is very much a morning dog with no need for coffee if you catch our drift :).

Since Pumpkin has come into our lives she has had some new adventures! She is quite wonderful with children (as young as 19 months!). She has gone truck camping on the Washington Coast (although it seems glamping may be more her style), a road trip to Montana (Go Griz) and hiking! We have noticed that her love for the snow is out of this world insane, as we now occasionally refer to her as Balto when it starts to fall from the sky.

As a side note, when she came to us she also came with many other toys and since she’s not a huge toy lover we decided to donate some of her un-loved toys to the local pet shelter! Go Pumpkin!





All in all, we can’t imagine our lives without her, we are fortunate, grateful and overjoyed with her as a new member of the family. Thank you all of you at Golden Bond that brought her to us!

Kate, Robby and (Princess) Pumpkin!




Check out this face!  Nicola loves you already and you only just met through a picture!  If you want a cuddly and loving dog, look no further.  Nicola wants nothing more than spending time with her people.

She doesn’t need long walks but does enjoy walking.  She would prefer to be in a less busy environment so she can enjoy her walks without worrying about protecting you from all the evils of city life. Her foster has been working with her, and Nicola is making great strides in her ability to meet other dogs properly when on leash.



She is 4-5 years old and was rescued several years ago from the streets of Taiwan and brought to the US by Golden Bond. She was adopted to a wonderful family who adored her, but due to some unfortunate circumstances she had to be returned to us.

Nicola is a cute, smaller border collie mix who enjoys cuddling on the couch with you or probably taking over your bed!   She is more than ready to provide patrol services in your yard to keep out those pesky squirrels or other varmints. She would probably do best as an only dog, and she loves adults and children. She loves her people!

Nicola was adopted on September 28, 2018

Sex: Female
Age: 4 - 5 years
Weight: 45 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: With proper introduction; Cats: No; Kids: 10+
Availability: ADOPTED