Betty, our GBR adoption coordinator, sent us an email with a picture of a puppy in Beijing and wondered if we were interested.  All it took was that picture, and we were in love.  Lian didn’t know it yet, but his parents were ready to do anything to bring him home.  Weeks after getting the picture, his mama couldn’t wait any longer to meet him and traveled to Beijing with Golden Bond’s president (Jill) and trusted travel companion and GBR volunteer, Mary Fry.

We’ll let Lian take it from here…

The first time I met my mom, I was minding my own business at a wonderful place that kept me safe, fed me and let me play with my friends Nel and Nelson.  Then this strange lady comes, speaking a weird language I couldn’t understand and starts hugging me, crying and laughing all at the same time.  Then my bottom started wiggling and my eyes started shining because even though I couldn’t understand a word she was saying, I knew something big was happening.



My mom had to leave me at the rescue for a little bit longer because some other lucky dogs were traveling home with her to be with their new families, but she promised me it wouldn’t be long.  And she was right.  A short two weeks later I made the very long trip to Seattle where my mom was waiting.  A couple hours later, I got to meet my dad and my new brother.  Boy was it a crazy day!  I was so tired, hungry and scared, but I knew I was home.

A few days after I arrived, the person who started it all, Xiaoli from Pets First in Beijing, visited me in my new home.  What a treat!

It’s been about five months now and I have it pretty darn good.  I have property to roam, a cat to chase, a brother to play with and parents who adore me.  I get to go to daycare during the week to hang out with my friends and soon I get to go on a road trip to Utah.  Life is good. Thank you GBR and TAC for finding me my happily ever after.

Nevel, now Lian, was adopted on May 20, 2018