Woof, Woof, Woof!  See, I can count to 3 and am already speaking Chinglish since I arrived from China early this Sept.  My name is Ned (#3243) and I am searching for my new forever home.  When I arrived, I weighed 49 lbs. but now I am 60 lbs. and Dr. Ken said that’s a good weight.  I am a beautiful red boy with (if I can say so myself) with legs for days.   I am staying with the resident cat who does not like high spirited dogs so she snubs me but I might like a more dog savvy cat?  I haven’t had a chance to play with any neighborhood dogs yet but I run the fence line and bark hellos to them. I did come in with 15 other dogs and I did not have an issues while romping around during our travels to Oregon.

I discovered the tennis ball and I was over the moon and ready to learn how to play with it.  I showed my foster mom how I could toss it into the air and catch it, hold it in my mouth as I raced around her fenced garden just like I was on a real race track.  I sure hope my forever home has lots of space to run because I have so much energy. When we garden together, I dig holes so my mom can plant potatoes and then I show her how to let the ball fall into the hole and then dig it out really fast which makes a bigger hole.  I love gardening!!

I almost forgot to tell you about her treats.  She gets these chicken jerky strips and gives me pieces which really helps me learn all the new English commands.  Some days, I just get plain ole over-stimulated with the newness of life.  When it is dark out and too late to chase the tennis ball, she gives me a bully stick and I love that.   Keeps me busy but I’m resting quietly.   I am excited to meet my new forever family.   Now a word from my foster mom:

Ned is a wonderfully sensitive, smart and affectionate dog.  He loves your petting touches, will lean in on you to be sure you don’t forget to rub is hips and muscled legs.  He’ll roll over submissively with a toothy grin waiting for you to massage his tummy and chest.  He will chew your shoelaces in the excitement of getting ready for a walk. I use the Good to Go harness that you clip the leash on in between his shoulders so he can’t wiggle out.  Ned is not needy like a typical “Velcro” dog but wants to be close and do everything with me.  When I am inside, he prefers to sit outside and listen to my phone calls through the screen door, get up and chase a bird, move into a sunny or shady place, trot a couple of laps around the gardening area, go back up on the porch and wait for our morning walk. He has learned to sit & wait for his meals. He is getting better about sit & stay so I can go out the door first.  More work needed on down and not pulling hard on leash, especially in new places.  Ned counter surfed 2 times the first week when I left food too close to the counter edge.  He has a “happy tail” that I put Vitamin E on daily.  The hair may not ever grow back on the last couple of inches but you don’t notice it because his tail fur is long and covers it up.  I noticed that his hind legs are sprouting new longer leg feathers with his new diet.  He’s a very handsome boy.

Ned does do well in a crate for 2-3 hours at a time when I have to leave him.  He will bark when he  sees his reflection in the windows after dark or in mirrors, hearing animal sounds or loud noises on TV, and hears other dogs barking.  He is barking less all the time as he is adjusting to the new neighborhood noises, relaxing more and gaining confidence daily.

I think Ned would do best with someone who works at home or is home most of the day.  The perfect setting for him would be a fenced acre with trees, water, places to run fast and dig in and a covered porch to get out of the hot sun.  He would do well with 1-3 calm people who are searching for a companion dog to spend their days with.  They would be gentle but firm teachers, live in a calm environment and have lots of time to throw a ball, take him for walks, or garden together.  I feel he is too rambunctious for children under 13 years.   He would probably do well with another dog in his energy level if you have one that needs a play mate.   He’s a really nice dog who is learning things everyday and will make some family very happy.   Is that you???

Ned was adopted on November 15, 2019

Sex: Male
Age: 2-3 years
Weight: 60 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Yes; Kids: 13+
Availability: ADOPTED