I’m Natalie (#2992), a happy female Golden, about 2 years old and have come all the way from South Korea to find my forever family here.

I have pretty good house manners and have figured out how to use the outside facilities to “do my business”.  The difference in language still has me a bit stumped, so I haven’t figured out “Come”, “Down”, or “Stay”, but I can sure “Sit” well!  My foster family is impressed with my ability to entertain myself, even by taking myself for a full speed run around the backyard.

In the house I’m pretty relaxed, and I do like to entertain myself playing with my toys.  Love unstuffing teddy bears and de-fuzzing tennis balls!  I sleep through the night next to the bed and have a soft mouth when taking treats.  You’ll probably want to leave me in a crate or pen when you are away from the house for a few hours, just to be sure I don’t grab any of your pillows to work on in your absense.

I get really excited about the sounds, smells, and sights in my new environment, which makes walking on a leash challenging.  My foster family is recommending that I go immediately to school to improve my manners in public, because I am so enthusiastic about meeting other people, dogs, and squirrels on our walks that I forget not to pull like crazy on the leash — but I’m better than I was, really!

I love playing with other dogs and usually can figure out their favorite play game.  No one really knows how I feel about cats.

On our walks I’ve loved meeting kids — it really perks me up and reminds me of children I knew in South Korea.

I’m very healthy except that tiny “central cataracts” were observed at my first vet exam. GBR followed up with a referral and exam with a veterinary ophthalmologist. The specialist reported that most likely the cataracts are congenital and not expected to progress – my new vet will need to keep an eye on them.

Mostly, I need a name that I know is my own and I promise to work on coming when you call me (especially if it’s fun and there’s a yummy treat for coming).  I am very interested in exploring at a full and joyous run, if given the chance, but should only be trusted in a fully enclosed area until I have a reliable recall response.

I love giving and getting affection.  I love being with my people.  I love exploring my new world.

I’m a Joyous Golden through and through!

Natalie was adopted on April 8, 2018

Sex: Female
Age: 2 years old
Weight: 53 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Maybe; Kids: 10+
Availability: ADOPTED