Nat (#3235), but I like to be called Nattie.  Foster mom said I should tell you about myself, so here goes:

First, I thought that I’d never get here . . . what a trip!! It took me almost a week to recuperate from my incredible journey. Thankfully, I’m good to go now.  Even though I am about three years old, until now, I never had much contact with you hoomans . . . I’m finding I like you SO much better than before. Truth be told, I find some of the stuff you eat to be rather peculiar, though I do like your peanut butter, apples, pears, carrots, and of course, ice cream . . . and I’m just getting started.

Oh! And I should tell you that if you need someone to help you with your socks and shoes . . . I am your girl.  Need help with your pants? I can do that.  Do you need someone to hold down half of your couch, your chair or your lap (my favorite)? If so, I’m your girl. If you need a snuggle or cuddle buddy . . . I am your girl.  If you need help in the bathroom or the office . . . yep, I am your girl.  Need someone to stick to you like glue? Well, that’s me, too!

Okay. My foster mom says that I’ve patted myself on the back long enough, so here she is:

I must say that once Nattie got her feet under her after the long trip, she was delightful.  Not that she wasn’t good before, but she was tired and kind of unsure about things.

Nattie is one of the most loveable, sweet, happy girls you could meet.  She is silly and goofy and makes us laugh.  She has learned to sit and wait for her meals and treats, but when she gets impatient, she makes a “mhaw mhaw” sound, instead of her usual “woo woo.”  I had to explain that barking isn’t acceptable and doesn’t make me fix dinner any faster.

Nattie is still learning about life, so she tends to be exuberant in new situations (e.g., she pulls on her leash (a halter would probably help) when meeting new people).  On the flip side, she can also be very calm and patient.  She loves other dogs and has a blast with all her “cousins” here. She plays well with everyone.  She loves toys and will drag something around with her when she’s happy . . . which is most of the time.  We don’t know about cats, but she does show interest in the birds in the yard and the squirrel down by the river but no chasing to date.

Nattie had several “accidents” in the house during her first couple of weeks.  We’ve made a practice of taking her out often and she’s learning quickly that she needs to save it for outside.

Nattie is one very special girl and will surely brighten your world and your life every day.  She’s a definite keeper.

Nat was adopted on November 1, 2019

Sex: Female
Age: 3 years
Weight: About 50 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Unknown; Kids: Unknown
Availability: ADOPTED