Nancy was adopted on December 13, 2014.

Nancy’s Available Story:

Nancy 2512aI’m Nancy (#2512), a petite, 47 lb, blonde Golden Retriever.  I am estimated to be five to six years old; I don’t exactly because I was unable to focus on my birthdays when I was an underweight little street dog.  Thankfully, GBR’s kindhearted friends in Taiwan rescued me before I lost track of birthdays altogether.  Although I still show signs of a feisty personality, I have been transformed into a sweet, playful girl who is thankful that my life now includes good food, fun toys, and loving attention from people.

I took a little time to adapt to life indoors, but I now understand the concept of house training.   I enjoy going on “potty walks” and am quite consistent about taking care of my business outside, though I do appreciate a reminder to go outdoors every few hours.  Also, I prefer to go on leash in the front yard.  (I know why, but I’m not telling!)

I have recently discovered that I love retrieving tennis balls.  I run after balls and usually respond to “drop it” so that I can run after the ball again and again.  I like to gather tennis balls on the bed where I nap.  I also like squeaky toys, bones, and kongs stuffed with dog food (yum).Nancy 2512b

I get along well with my foster sisters.  I also like to play and wrestle with a puppy that visits me sometimes.  I bark initially when meeting a new dog, but once we have the chance to sniff and get acquainted, I am very friendly. I prefer walking on a leash with a front clip harness; I tend to pull because I’m excited and curious about the new smells I find.  Aren’t you?

Okay, here’s the part of me I’m not so happy to report:  I have to protect my food and treats from other dogs.  If you think about my history as a small, hungry stray, I’m sure you can appreciate how I feel.  For this reason, I need to eat in my own spot, away from other dogs and receive treats in my crate. I’m comfortable with people coming near my food, but I jsimply don’t trust other dogs not to steal it from me.

Overall, my foster family says I am now a “strong and sturdy little Golden.” I climb stairs easily.  I also jump into the car and travel quite well.  I could be a perfect companion for a single person or a sweet family dog.  I’d gladly be an only dog or can fit in with another dog if you’d prefer.  Either way, I’m ready to begin a life filled with comfort, fun and love.  You, too?

Sex: Female
Age: 7 years old
Weight: 47 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Yes; Kids: 10+
Availability: Adopted