Our story—Monty’s and ours—has been a wonderful experience for us, from the day we first filled out our Golden Bond Rescue application on Christmas Day 2017 to the last week-end in January when we met and adopted Monty…and every day since.  Everyone at GBR every step of the way has been helpful, available, encouraging and guiding.

Everything in Monty’s original biography was accurate…so we knew exactly what to expect and what we would need to do, so Monty could become a happy member of our family.  He is still very much a puppy in a full-grown dog’s body, but he’s learning that not everyone appreciates a hug (around the neck) or having a 65 lb dog in their lap.  He’s becoming better socialized with other dogs and with humans.  We’re all taking a beginners’ obedience and manners class and—at 1 ½ years old—he is by far the oldest and the largest ‘student’ there.  He sits, lays down and stays like a pro (and Angela is teaching him to rollover—his trick to perform at graduation), his leash manners are excellent, and he’s working diligently on come-when-called and how to greet guests in our home.  We may have over-taught him to ‘sit-to-say-hello.’  On walks in the park, if he sees a dog he absolutely has to meet, he will sit-stay-wag his tail-and refuse to move until he gets to say ‘hello.’  When saying hello to humans, on the other hand, he will sit…say hello…and then jump up and give them a hug around the neck, too (we’re working on that last part).  But Monty is very smart (sometimes too smart for our own good) and he learns very quickly.  He is just very excited about everything, everything excites him, and Monty thinks everyone should be excited to meet him, too.

Monty is literally a ‘constant companion.’  Around the house, if I move from one room to another and turn around, he is at my feet.  If he thinks I’m going to stay in one place for more than one minute, he’ll lay down on top of my feet.  If I take a shower (well…a picture is worth 1000 words).  As I type this, he is laying under my desk—on top of my feet.

While no one is perfect—and we and Monty are no exception—we’re learning about each other: to be nice to and considerate of one another, to be patient, and to love one another…because, in the end, ‘love is all you need’  (right?)

We thank Monty for finding us and enriching our lives…and we thank everyone at Golden Bond Rescue for making it happen.

Jon, Angela and Monty

Monty was adopted on January 28, 2018



Hello, I am Monty (#2956) from S. Korea.   I flew in on December 14th and I’ve been pretty busy since I arrived.   There is so much to do and learn here.   I spent about ten days with my first foster family.   They were super great and I got to do some fun things and spend my first Christmas there.   However it was determined early on I might not be a good candidate for being around cats and chickens.   Small critters seem to really heighten my sense of curiosity and that might not end well.  I have a new foster home now and I have two foster siblings that are not cats….whew!   I can actually play with these siblings and it’s so much fun.  One plays with me a lot and I love it, if I get a bit to mouthy or rough she will let me know it and I’ll back right off because I don’t like being in trouble.  Then she will let me try again so I’m learning to be just a little more gentle.   The other big dog, I really really really love him however he could kind of care less about me.   I follow him everywhere he goes and  wished he’d love me as much as I do him but my foster mom says it’s not going to happen, however….sometimes when no one  is looking he gives me kisses on the face.   I think I can win him over before I leave here.

Speaking of leaving…..I’m really excited to find my new forever home.   I am a very young minded 1.5 year old.   Which means I have the brain of a puppy and need some training.   What 1.5 year old doesn’t right?  I do have the basic commands down so if you get my attention I can sit, wait and lay down but I’ll tell ya sometimes that’s super hard for me because I am really excited a lot.  I absolutely need some leash work, a harness is a must when I take a walk or I’ll choke myself the whole time.   If we see a cat, squirrel or small critter you should be prepared because I will want to go get them.   Nothing outside the normal here except I’m a 50 pound puppy so it’s a good idea I have someone strong enough to hang on until I’m better trained.   I have no doubt soon I’ll be a perfect walker as I love to please.   I also will follow you wherever you go and once you sit down I’ll promptly lay right on your foot.  I would not want you to move and not notice after all.  I’m also sure if your favorite chair was big enough for me I would be in heaven to join you.

Now there some things my foster mom needs to tell you, I don’t want to brag so I’ll turn this over to her but if you think I’d make a good addition to your family I would love to meet you.  – Monty.

From the foster mom:   Monty is a true gem.   He’s a very good boy and has a lot of potential.   It’s obvious he’s not had a lot of attention or training but he is truly very eager to please.  Training him will not be an issue.  He’s very excitable but he will calm right down when everyone else is.   However the minute you move, he’s coming with you.   He plays well with other dogs and is almost a bit submissive.   If they get snarky with him he will not become aggressive, he backs right off.   He’s very hungry and trying to gain a little weight but is not as food crazy as some of the other dogs we’ve had.  He will actually walk away and come back.  He will take treats gently if you make him, he wants to be snappy but only out excitement not aggression.   We’ve not see any aggressive tendencies from him at all.  I’ve had my hands in his mouth getting sticks and toilet paper rolls etc.   No issues.   He’s a little mouthy, again think puppy, but he’s not biting just being mouthy out of love.  He’s had a couple accidents in the house but we are trying to pay closer attention and make him go out often and watch that he goes.  Sometimes he gets so excited he forgets, again he will get that quickly.   He is crate trained at night and he will sleep quietly all night long.   During the day if he’s crated he will protest but the minute I’m outside he’s stopped whining.   The other thing we have noticed, he doesn’t appear to shed.   Which is odd, I hope that will continue because how nice would that be.   Monty truly is a great pup.   His first foster mom had a hard letting him go after just a few days and I know we will as well , but finding him a great and loving home is our job.    Might that be with you????


Sex: Male
Age: About 18 months
Weight: 50 pounds
Attributes: Dog: Yes; Cats: No; Kids; Unknown
Availability: Now