Duke, aka Milo #3002, is one of the Kennedy Duodecaplet (12) puppies.  As the story goes Kennedy had a bit of a surprise for Golden Bond when she arrived from China in January 2018-she was due to have puppies in 1-2 weeks.  Some wonderful volunteers from Golden Bond stepped in to care for the mother and her pups.  What a job they did.  We will never know all the people involved but we are eternally thankful to each and every one.

Duke came to join us as the latest in a long line of golden retrievers in our home.  What can we say-my husband and I love the breed.

Duke (full name Marmaduke) joined our resident 1 year old golden, Marmalade, to create chaos, mayhem, fun and laughter.  Needless to say there’s a lot of training going on with our 2 young puppies.  Duke is healthy, well adjusted, easy going, happy go lucky, never met a person he didn’t love kinda guy.  He has HUGE feet and will probably grow into them.  He is the hit of the neighborhood with everyone stopping to see him.  Duke greets the local Starbucks drive thru window servers with exuberance and joy.  They all know him by name…  and his story.  We look forward to the years to come and sharing them with Duke.

We are so thankful for the Golden Bond organization and ALL the volunteers.  There were so many “hands” that touched his journey but we don’t know who they all were by name or situation.    We feel honored and privileged to have one of your dogs and will do our absolute best in raising and caring for him.

Milo/Duke was adopted on April 30, 2018