Midas #1008


Hello, my name is Midas. I am a Golden Retriever. They call me an English Red. My hair is red and gold. I do not remember my first home. Mom and Dad adopted me when I was 16 months old. Now, I am 12 yrs and 11 months old. That means they have had me for a very long time. Sometimes they call me “Might” or “GOOD BOY”. I like that. When I listen and sit, Mom gives me a treat.

My favorite thing is food. I am not picky. I can finish my food in 5 bites. When I was young, my favorite game was wrestle with other dogs. My second favorite game was run-with Ally. Ally was my sister. She chased the ball and I ran along. She was fast. She always got the ball to carry back to Mom and Dad. I learned very fast that Border Collies do not share.


Ally and I had another sister. She was called, “NO KITTY”. Her claws were sharp. I always walked the long way around her. Ally and “No Kitty” got old. About one year ago they both went away. I was by myself which was okay. Then we got another cat. They call her, “Here Kitty, Kitty.” I am kind to her which makes me a Good Boy.


My favorite thing is still food. I sleep a lot. I can’t see very well. I have lumps all over. I cannot run any more. But I still wag my tail. I like to go to the mail box and to the barn with Dad. The “Big Dog” eats from a very large pan and he will share his grain. Mom says I am remarkable. I do not know remarkable. I think it means I am still a good boy. I like to eat and sleep. Sometimes it is hard to get up. Sometimes I fall. I cannot walk far. I still try to wag my tail.

His name was Midas. He was always a very good boy. We miss him terribly. .
January 7, 2004 to November 13, 2016