Abbie came to our home the day after she arrived from China, May 9, 2018.  She had a five hour ride from Beaverton to Klamath Falls, and did so well!  I think she was exhausted and enjoyed the sleep time.  We took part in the “First to Adopt” option with GBR, and it has worked out perfect for us.  She is a wonderful match in our household!  Abbie is a very calm girl, with a delightful personality and is very easy to train.  She also accepted her two “kitty sisters” with no problems, once they let her know who was Alpha of course!

Once we exchanged the “stick” for the ball, Abbie is “all about her ball” and loves to play fetch…for as long as your arm will hold out.  She goes on walks and is starting to enjoy the expanded exploration, and walks on a leash with no pulling.  Car rides are a favorite activity too; she likes to go whenever and wherever!

I am training Abbie to get her ready to train and test to become a certified therapy dog with Pet Partners.  This is a long range plan for her, and we’ll visit elder care centers in Klamath Falls if that works out well.  Abbie is a bit shy with new people, but she warms up quickly and loves to put her head in your lap for pets and loves.  I think she will do well as she learns to trust others.  Meanwhile she enjoys meeting other dogs and watching them to learn what “doggie play” is all about.  Her German Wired Haired friend taught her how to demolish her toys!

Thank you GBR for giving us the opportunity to add this little girl to our family.

Meghan/Abbie was adopted on June 10, 2018