When I was a little boy, I had a golden named Rocky that will always be a part of my childhood memories. He’s the reason I’ve loved animals, dogs, and especially goldens for as long as I can remember.

But my childhood memories would not prepare me for the impact Bailey (previously Megan #2123) would have on our lives. She’s been my best friend and touched our hearts in countless ways over the past 8.5 years.

When my wife and I moved to Portland and got our first place, we were excited to get a dog and, without question, we wanted a golden. We heard about Golden Bond and loved the idea of a rescue, but we naively wanted a puppy. We got a call about a big, beautiful, 5 year old girl that would be great with (future) kids – but not so great with cats! 🙂

Her wonderful foster family, Scott and Amy, had already fallen in love with her and helped us quickly realize that she was the perfect fit for us. We’ve remained friends throughout the years, and they have always been there for Bailey, giving her a place to stay when we are away and offering a second home that she always loved to visit. I’m forever grateful to them and to golden bond for helping to match us with Bailey and trust us with her care.

Bailey was our first (furry) kid. We took her everywhere with us. She loved exploring all the dog friendly restaurants and bars in Portland, meeting people and other dogs, checking out summer concerts in the park, visiting the dog park regularly, and even going on a few camping trips and swimming in the lake. Everyone that met her commented on what a beautiful, sweet girl she is and how lucky we are to have found her, and we couldn’t agree more!  Her funny antics made us laugh every day – she loved people, she loved to be pet, and she loved to eat! If you stopped petting her, she would hook you with her paw. If she couldn’t reach, she’d come sit on your foot. She would eat anything, and as much of it as she could find. She would absolutely shred any toy within minutes but carry it around for months. She drank water like a horse. She was perfect.

In summer 2012, Bailey suffered her first life changing injury, a partially torn ACL. It was heartbreaking to see her in pain, struggling to walk, but it never had an impact on her personality. She was determined and strong and made a good recovery. Throughout the years, she’s been with us for every major event in our lives – adding joy, laughter, and love. I’ll never forget how sweetly concerned she was when our first born daughter came home and how patient and loving she has been with our kids as they grow older together. I know she has had the same impact on them as my first golden did on me.

Over the past few months, Bailey’s age and previous injuries caught up with her, but it never stopped that tail from wagging when she saw you. She was having a difficult time getting around on her own and was diagnosed with megaesophagus. She passed peacefully at home with all the love of her family around her. I am forever changed, once again, by these beautiful animals. The love, compassion, friendship, and loyalty is what we need in this world and she gave so much more than we ever deserved.

Rest well Bailey dog, I’ll see you at the Rainbow Bridge!







Adopted April 18, 2011

Megan #2123Megan (#2123) (who now goes by Bailey) has been with us for a few months now but we knew she was the perfect addition to our family from Day 1.  Her antics make us laugh on a regular basis but we’ve also learned how very smart she is!  She has loved exploring all the dog friendly restaurants and bars in Portland with us (Amnesia Brewing is her favorite; she always gets lots of attention there!), checking out the Summer concerts in the parks, meeting new dog friends at the dog park, as well as getting out of the city and camping in the beautiful surrounding areas. Especially since with camping usually comes swimming in a lake and she loves the water!  Everyone that meets her comments on what a beautiful, sweet girl she is and how lucky we are to have found her – we couldn’t agree more!  Special thanks to Scott and Amy, her foster parents, who introduced us to Bailey and made the transition so easy for us all!