We are so sorry to share that we lost our sweet, best girl Maya.  When we contacted Golden Bond in 2011, we hadn’t had a dog for many years while we were busy raising our kids.  Now, we were empty nesters and it was going to be so fun to have a dog friend again.  Maya was such a fun addition to our family.  Sadly, we had her for only 6 short years and while the first year was a bit of a struggle to get her settled in and for her to realize this was a good home, eventually she bonded with us (Darla, especially).

We didn’t really know how old Maya was when we adopted her, but we’re guessing she was about 11 years old when we lost her.  Looking back on her time with us, her nickname should have been “No Fear”.   She loved everyone and every other dog… running right up to greet them, which we never were able to break and it sometimes got her into trouble.  With her Bassett DNA, she was a hunter to the point of obsession.  This was a challenge for all of us when she spotted a critter of any type; we definitely never let her off-leash.  But what we loved most about Maya was her true Golden nature… sweet, loyal and overall, very mellow.  Her favorite things were walks, riding in the car and going to doggie daycare once a week!  She just loved to go and, especially be outside.  She was fiercely independent and while she definitely needed and wanted to be with us, if there was a squirrel anywhere in her backyard or spotted the cat next door, that’s where she sat – guarding the fence line!

It happened so suddenly.  Maya literally laid down one day and couldn’t get back up. Clearly, it had to do with her neck or upper back area.  She was in such pain and despite our journey together through lots of tests, treatments, medications and many long weeks of  nursing, her condition declined rapidly.   We lost her on January 5, 2017.

Maya brought many hours of joy into our lives.  We like to think we provided her with just as much love and happiness in return.  So now, Maya is in doggie heaven – chasing squirrels and eating treats!   RIP sweet girl!

Darla and Bob Pierce

Adopted Autust 19, 2011

From Maya #2157

Hi Everyone:

I got to move into my forever home on August 19, 2011. My new family just loves me and tells me how special I am every day! Of course, I am pretty unique with a quirky personality, my Golden Retriever good looks and short squatty Basset Hound legs. Since I am the only pet in my house I’m pretty much the center of attention. Even more, when we go out, people always stop us to ask about me and give lots of pets, which I just love.

My whole family tells me what a good girl I am, especially when left in the house alone. I don’t dig or chew on anything (except my stuffed toys) or have accidents inside and considering my background, they think I behave very well. I rarely bark (only when really excited), and I sleep all night quietly on my bed in Mom and Dad’s room.

My favorite things to do are car rides, crawl up on my Mom or Dad’s lap (I am a lap dog, aren’t I?) and patrol the fence line in my large yard looking for any cats, squirrels and other varmints who might invade my territory. In fact, my family will watch me run lots of laps around the yard, especially when I smell or spot a critter. My hound-dog sense of smell just takes over and I kind of go a little crazy. But hey — it’s good exercise, right? Sometimes, I have to be put in timeout when I can’t seem to stop patrolling on my own. To distract me from the cats next door, we go on long walks in our neighborhood which I am always ready to do.

I just started going to school. It’s a lot of work, but hey – I get treats and Mom says I’m pretty smart and will catch on quickly. I know it will make me a better dog. I am so happy here and just want to please my forever family.

Well – time to go check out the backyard and run some laps… Catch ‘ya later.

Love, Maya

Maya’s Available Story

Maya #2157Maya (#2157) I am a 2-3 year old Golden Retriever/Basset Hound mix (weird, huh?) and I weigh around 50 lbs.  Now that I have been in my foster home for a whole month I have an updated story to share with you.

I am actually a show-stopper when I’m out walking with my foster family.  I look exactly like a Golden Retriever (including the snuggly Golden Retriever personality) body plopped on a pair of Basset Hound legs.  Heads turn and and lips smile when I walk by.  People just can’t seem to stop petting me and I love every minute of it.

My tail hardly stops wagging (well maybe it stops when I’m sleeping) but I am a very happy dog who enjoys following my foster people around. I LOVE to go for rides in the car.  Meeting new people and going to different places are at the top of my list of favorite things to do. I am also good at staying in the house for several hours while my foster parents are at work or riding their bicycles.

Maya #2157I am very good at entertaining myself. I especially like squeaky rubber toys that I can toss around and pounce on. I like the stuffed toys also but would rather perform surgery on them than play with them. (In other words I like to de-stuff them.)

There are no cats in my foster home and my history with cats is unknown, so my forever home should be cat-free.

I no longer need to wear a long leash when I am out in the yard because I am a velcro dog. These summer days and evenings are great for hanging out with my foster people and these other dogs who also live here. Maybe I will someday soon find my own yard and people to hang out with. Will that be you?