We had May (Coco now), on left) via Foster-to-Adopt in early December, 2015 after she had a long flight from Taiwan. May was a 7-month-old Golden/Lab mix girl and she was our third GBR Taiwanese dog.

We were told that May used to be beaten by her male owner before she was rescued, so she would be afraid of any man that approached her. For the first two weeks, she was very stressed. She would hide when she heard noises, like sounds from the TV or when the door closed. She was trembling when I would pet her and was scared during her first car ride, acting as if she had never been taken outside before.

In the beginning, she didn’t respond when I called her name but luckily, I found out that May only understood the “coming” command in Chinese. So, this “coming” ( pronounce “Lai” ) command was the only word (with yummy treats) to communicate with her for the first two weeks.

Thanks to my second GBR dog, Koda (was Darcy), for helping May adjust to the new environment. It takes time for May to learn to trust others and she gradually felt relaxed and enjoyed playing with Koda.


May now loves to run and play chase with Koda in the backyard. She knows “sit”, “down” and “come” commands in English and does her potty outside regularly. She also enjoys going on daily walks with Koda and me everyday. She is pretty good on a leash, although she’s still shy and scared when she sees any joggers passing by on a trail.

She has made so many improvements within this first two months. We feel so lucky to have this sweetheart as Koda’s friend. We believe that May’s confidence will become stronger as we keep giving her love and patience. Thanks GBR and the Taiwanese rescuers for giving May this opportunity to start her new journey in America.