Hi my name is Max! I come from Nevada and I just love Oregon, except for the rain, I don’t like to get my feet wet,  but I won’t let a little rain come between me and walks.  I love to walk and go for car rides.  I’m also told that I’m a great guard dog.  I’m very good in the house and I pretty much ignore  kids.  My foster mom says my only fault is I really don’t care for other dogs.  Once I get to know them they are OK and we get along well.  I’m getting better on not barking and lunging at dogs during my walks.  As long as I have treats that distracts me, I’m doing better.

I am a healthy 9-year old Lab mix.  My favorite things to do are to go for walks and hikes and chase cats.   I’m super easy to have around. Love just hanging out with you. I’m a little quirky about other dogs sometimes.  I’m fine if I go into the home of another dog….I’ve even been playing with the foster’s resident dog and granddogs, though I need slow intros. I don’t always like to meet other dogs on walks either but can be redirected with treats. I’m not aggressive, but sometimes I jump a little. I am an absolute sweetheart with people.  I am very mellow when I am at home and love to follow my foster family around the house or go outside to garden. (I have quite the green paw.)

 I  am a very good learner and I enjoy learning new things. The stuff I have been learning includes:

*   Waiting at the door before going out. I absolutely know what this is all about, but as with all things, I like to test the limits.

*   Sitting and waiting before eating. This is still a bit of a challenge for me but if my butt comes off the floor when my food is put down, the food goes back up. After a couple of tries, I give up and wait.  Just testing again.

*   Staying out of the kitchen when someone is cooking. Also a bit of a challenge still. After all, the kitchen is where the food is. But a treat for staying on my side of the invisible line usually helps my memory.

I would love to have a forever home with someone that loves to go for walks and lets me ride in the car. My foster family calls me a delightful little dog.” 

Max was adopted on August 30, 2019

Sex: Male
Age: 9 years
Weight: Approximately 45 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: No; Kids: 10+
Availability: ADOPTED