Hi, I’m Max, a 2- or 3-year-old with a beautiful red coat. I weigh about 60 pounds. If you see me walk or run, you’ll wonder what’s up. In my previous life (China) I was hit by a car. I had surgery so I could walk again. I can get in and out of a car fine and can go up and down a couple stairs but should not be in a house with lots of stairs. I love to go on walks. My right rear leg goes out a bit when I walk  and when I run, my right leg barely touches the ground. Golden Bond experts think it was a pretty good surgery and I don’t seem like I’m in pain. But maybe my forever home or my new vet has some ideas for helping me a little more–maybe stretching or swimming might help make the leg a little less stiff. Other than that, I am pretty healthy. While I love food and treats, you must promise you won’t let me gain weight. That would be hard on that leg and my joints.

I enjoy my walks around my new country. Sometimes I bark—my foster mom thinks I see new things that scare me. Right now I get pooped after about 25 minutes so my mom thinks I haven’t been walked much. I love meeting people and dogs on our walks. The other day I met a gigantic one and also a little bitty one and I liked them both.

I love balls (sorry, I don’t fetch) and knuckle bones. I am fine with my foster brother’s toys but probably shouldn’t be placed with a dog who is very possessive. I am moderately active—kinda still part puppy you know—and like to play with other dogs. I love to ride in the car and watch everything go by.

I am crate trained. I am well-behaved around the house—no counter surfing or getting on the furniture for me. I am pretty quiet. In my first few days in foster care, I peed twice on the carpet when my mom was gone. But she thinks she didn’t take me out enough and that I was nervous in my new home.

 I am not a Velcro dog, but at times I am needy, want attention and am “underfoot,” according to my foster mom. She thinks I have been hit some–she had a spatula in her hand once and I flinched. So I am very loving, affectionate and friendly but that reminded me of someone bad.

I need some training. It’s not easy for me to sit or lie down on command, but I could use some work so I wait patiently at the door. If you adopt me, you will need to be careful I don’t wiggle out the front door. A few other basic commands would be good too.

I would do well in a family where I’m not alone most of the day. I need love, playtime, kisses and hugs, attention, companionship, and to be out and about in the world. I need exercise everyday too. One other dog would be fine. My new family needs to be patient—I still have a bit of puppy energy in me. Kids would be fine (but I’m pretty wiggly for little kids). I will be a great dog for the right family—is that you?

Max was adopted on July 11, 2018


Sex: Male
Age: 2-3 years old
Weight: 60 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Unknown; Kids: Over 10
Availability: ADOPTED