Permanent Foster in 2008

Max #1563Max (#1563) came to Golden Bond Rescue in the spring of 2007.  He was thought to be approximately 6 years old. His owner was an elderly lady who had to move to a nursing home. As far as we know, Max had been with her for many years.

Max came to us as quite a big boy, weighing 106 pounds and afflicted with both neurological and behavioral issues. There was some interest in him from one potential adopter, but because of his toy possessiveness, he was labeled as potentially aggressive. After several more months, he was adopted to an older couple, but was returned after just a few short days. They decided he was not what they were looking for in a dog due to his special needs.

When it became evident that adoption for Max was just a remote possibility, he was placed as a permanent foster and will live out the rest of his life with his original foster family.

Max started seeing Dr. Shaw from Back on Track in June of 2008. She explained that the behaviors she observed in Max had qualities similar to autism. He is very clumsy and uncoordinated, lacks canine social skills, has poor sensory input, and as a result can be easily over-stimulated.  When Max gets excited it can lead to his sometimes unpredictable and snappy behavior. His need for additional sensory input causes him to be a compulsive licker… he licks everything… the floor, furniture, doors, windows or whatever is close at hand. When his routine is thrown out of kilter, he can experience a good deal of anxiety. His family tries to provide him with a fairly controlled environment and that way he knows what to anticipate on a daily basis.

Max is now a svelte 84 pounds, and sees Dr. Shaw every other month.  Considerable improvements in his behavioral issues have been seen since he started working with Dr. Shaw.  This improvement is probably a result of his sensory issues being addressed.Max (#1563)

“Max is such a special golden…incredibly loyal, affectionate and playful. We are uncertain as to what his physical needs will entail as he ages, but Dr. Shaw continues to guide us in this process.” says his foster mom.

Max’s Available Story

Max (#1563), about 6 years old, is sure a good boy! He first came to his foster home from what he probably considered a touch of heaven. Mom, who was an elderly lady, loved to sit on the front porch, and would share all the people food. “Here, Max, one cookie for me, and two for you. Good, Boy, let’s do that one again.” He grew, became lethargic, and quite possessive of all the good things that he only had to share… with no-one! Age finally got to Mom, and she had to relocate to a place called “Rest Home”, and Max was left an orphan. Golden Bond stepped in, and, bless their hearts, promised that life would continue in a beautiful way, (but probably not the “piece of cake” that had come to “grow on him”.)

Now, from the foster family perspective, Max has been a joy to have around. Oh, yes we have had a bit of a time adjusting, (but doesn’t everyone), and when Max figured out that A: We were not old and lethargic, and B: That he was not in charge, everything settled down, quite well, thank you very much. Now Max has blended VERY well with the two other Goldens, and has picked up on the rules of the home.

Max has become a very loyal dog, and provides many moments of entertainment and laughter… and, does he ever have fun with his toys! Max will grow to be a very faithful companion, and reciprocate with the same love shown to him. We’ll miss that boy, but are excited about his forever home!!!