Mavis is too marvelous for words! She is my golden shadow. And I am the kite that flies behind when we decide to sprint to the end of the sidewalk. “Wait,” I say when we reach the corner. I look both ways at the cars going by. Mavis, well, she looks up and down trees for the squirrels. So begins our morning walk.

Always we meet a friend or neighbor along the way. There is Merle who moves along with a cane. He is smitten with Mavis. There is Winnie, too. She likes to pet Mavis on the head while we chat and catch up on the latest news. If we are lucky, we see Darrell. Shake, shake, shake. He has treats that tumble in a tin box. “MAY-vis,” he hollers as he makes his way to us. “MAY-vis.”

Come three o’clock, it’s time for Mavis to retrieve her young master. Mavis has become the star attraction at Christ Church Cathedral School playground where she is swarmed by the grade two girls with the giggles.

Sometimes Mavis pulls all her toys out of the toy box. Even at seven years of age, she is still playful. Other times she flip flops on the couch and barks for joy. We like to play “spook” at the bend in our long hallway. I jump first. Mavis jumps second. I jump next. She jumps last.

Mavis is a smart girl. She has learned with ease how to ride the elevator, how to lean in on the thigh for undivided attention, how to be a goodwill ambassador on behalf of Golden Bond Rescue.

Thank you to all the truly amazing volunteers who made this adoption possible.

Mavis was adopted on March 13, 2017

Hi there! I am called Mavis (#2800). But there’s no need to be so formal. You can just call me Mavis. I haven’t met you yet; but I know I will love you. I’m pretty sure you will love me too.

When I lose my foster people, I may whimper a little; but in a few days, I will settle in and dedicate myself to you and only you. I hope you will do the same by me. I form attachments easily and strongly.

This is my glamor shot. MavisAs you can see (Squirrel!) my face and underside is very blond, while my head and topside is a reddish-blond. I am a smallish medium-sized Golden. I’m a little over six years old but (Bird!) I’m young for my age. I like to walk for long distances but I would like to jog or run even more.

I’m well mannered, in general, although I tend to counter cruise, sniffing for what might be up there. I listen well though and if you see me counter cruising, all you have to do is say “Mavis, no.” and I will take the hint because as much as I want counter food, I want to be a good girl even more.

In the morning, the first thing I like to do is eat! Yes, indeed. There’s nothing better. After I eat, I listen carefully for you to say, “Does Mavis need to potty?” and I will jet to the door. “Let’s go check the mail” and “Should we go for a walk?” work just as well.

When I am outside (Bird!) doing my morning duties in the fenced area, I will usually come back to the door when I am finished. But I also like to keep up on things, so I will sniff around for news.

When I get sidetracked for too long, I will hear “Mavis, come on in.” Then I come in because as much as I want to sniff and post updates, I want to be a good girl even more. Did I say that already? It sounds familiar.

I really would like to play with my foster sister Lily. Lily is not a very playful dog. Her loss, I should say. Lily is needy too. When I want petting from my foster guy, Lily will whimper “What about me?” I think she has some unresolved issues. But that’s okay because my foster guy pets me anyway.

Lily’s okay, really. Just wish she liked to play.

I met the cat in my foster home and I’d like to get to know her better; but, truth be told, I don’t really trust her. She scowls at me while sharpening her claws. When we pass each other in the hall, we take a wide berth, eyes locked on each other. Still, I stop by her bed every so often and poke my nose in to say “Hi there!” I think she’s starting to like me, maybe, a little. Hard to tell.

I still need work on not jumping up on people or pawing at them when I want attention. The jumping up generally only happens when a new person seems to like me or if I haven’t seen you for awhile and really missed you.

I also need some leash work as I can be a puller. I don’t pull really hard but apparently my foster people find it annoying. They put the Gentle Leader on me if I pull too much. I really hate (Squirrel!) I really hate that thing. I try to pull it off; but its no use, so I just have to walk slower. I just need to find someone who is willing to work on this with me because I am smart and I really want to be a good girl. Did I already say that? I just want to make sure you know.

Although I am six years old, I am still playful and active. I like to go outside. I am ready any time you are. Because I like outside and I like my people. But when I am inside, I am calm and like to hang with my people.

Speaking of that, I like to sit on the couch with my people. And sleeping with them on the bed is even better. My foster people said no to sleeping on the bed. They let the stupid cat sleep there! Maybe they are afraid of her. She scowls at them sometimes too.

Mavis on couchAnyway, they could tell I am used to sitting on the couch and watching movies, so they let me keep doing that. If you really don’t want me to, you will have to work with me on that. Maybe if you (Fly!) Maybe if you set up a doggy bed right next to the couch? We’ll see.

I’m told that I am a Velcro dog because I will go wherever you go and I want…no…I need to be with my people at all times. If my people are out of eyesight, I will tell the world how lonely I am with a whimper, a bark and a whine. I would be happiest if my people were home all the time, or at least home more than away. My foster guy is (Fly!) is home most of the time and that’s how I like it! I am very happy to be curled up on the floor nearby my people, just waiting for them to get up and say “Come on, Mavis!”

Mavis playing with dog toyI love all kinds of toys but I am the kind of dog that quickly loves the stuffing out of them. I have already pulled off big hanks of hair from my Donald Trump toy.

I like Kongs, Nyla-bones, and all the other sturdy toys for chewers. Oh, I am great at fetching a thrown ball but need encouragement to give it back. “Mavis, give it’ works most of the time.


I love to go for car rides and sniff out the window. I travel very well but also like occasional stops to pee and sniff. There is so much fresh information that needs to be researched. (Feather!)

I have a good appetite and I am used to grain-free food. It is more expensive but I currently do not need trips to the vet for allergies.

I am ready to find my forever home where I can rely on people and be loved. I promise to return it a hundred times over.

Adoption fee:  $300 plus $35 microchip fee

Sex: Female
Age: About 6 years old
Weight: 59 pounds (needs to gain a few pounds)
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Yes; Kids: 10+
Availability: Now