I am Mary (#2944), or “Little Miss Mary” as my foster mom calls me.  Even though we haven’t yet met, I love you.  I’ve been told that everyone who meets me falls in love with me, too, so I guess it’s true that you get what you give.  My foster mom calls me Honey because she says I am pure Golden, and almost too sweet. I am a cuddler and a snuggler, and can soak up as much affection as you can give me. My foster mom, who claims she is not the kind of person who uses baby talk with animals, says it’s not possible to talk about me without using words like “doll baby,” “snuggle bug,” and “sweetums.”

I adore people and other dogs, and am good with cats (I would like to chase them but I know that’s not allowed.) The vet thinks I am a year or two old, but I look and feel like a puppy. I came into GBR very underweight with a urinary tract infection. I’ve been packing in the kibble, and am up to 37 pounds; I’ll put on another 4 or 5 before I’m at my goal weight. Unfortunately, although my infection is cleared up, I have compromised kidney function. I need a special diet, and my life span may not be as long as other dogs. But I’m the liveliest, happiest, most joyful and loving little dog you’ll ever meet, and I make the most of every single day.

I’ve adapted very easily to life in the US. I love walks, car rides, toys, and bones. I especially love my big Golden foster sister (who’s more than twice my size).  We wrestle, run, and steal toys from each other until we’re exhausted, and then we curl up together for a nap. Having a dog buddy will be very important to me; I need a lot of attention and contact. I will also do best with a family that is usually home during the day. I’ve been left alone with another dog for up to 6 hours and I’ve done okay.  I can be crated at night, but am only going to be happy stretched out beside you with my head on your pillow. You can plan on spending a lot of couch time with me!

I love my ball and I love fetch; I just wish you could throw the ball without making me let go of it. I like to eat plants, and shouldn’t be left unsupervised with anything you’d like to see continue to grow, except grass (including house plants). I redirect very nicely, but my “gardening” may always be an issue.

I think I will be fine with older dog-savvy children; I haven’t had a lot of exposure to them, but have greeted kids affectionately on walks. I have shown a little bit of leash aggression, so continuing to work on that will be important; it’s mostly at a distance, and when I actually meet people and other dogs, I greet them nicely. I’m very alert to outside noises, and bark a little, but am generally very quiet. I tolerate baths but am not a water baby. I am not food aggressive (even though I’m hungry all the time), and I share toys with no problem (although occasionally I just want a little time alone with my bone, and will yell at my big sister). I will get into the cat box and the recycling if I have access, though I stay out of the bathroom trash. I do not counter surf, and am learning not to try to share people food. I am a very athletic little dog, and can easily clear a 40” fence, but stay in a yard with a 5’ fence.

My ideal home would be a house with one or more other well-mannered playful dogs, and a grass yard to run around in. I’d be fine with a quiet single person or a large family as long as I can snuggle up in a lap and have outside adventures. My family will have to be prepared to spend a little extra on kidney diet and vet bills to monitor my health. And what you’ll get in return is the promise of delightful companionship and a big loving spirit in a fun-size package.

Mary was adopted on March 27, 2018

Sex: Female
Age: 2 years
Weight: 37 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Yes; Kids: 10+
Availability: Now