Marty #2941

My name is Marty (#2941).  My foster mom calls me “Marty the Party” because I’m so much fun!  If you are looking for a dog who only wants to be YOUR dog then I am the guy for you. I like other dogs and get along well with them, but I really just want to be with my person.

Someone once thought that I was a Golden mix because I am golden in color, but it more likely that I’m a Border Collie mix.  It was also thought that I might be about three years old, but my vet thinks maybe five is a better estimate for me.  Even though I am likely a Border Collie mix, I have NO instinct to herd at all, except for the vacuum which I herd all the time.  I hate that thing!!!

My favorite toys are Nylabones of all kinds.  I will pick up a soft toy once in a while to shake it around but I never chew it up. And, I’ve never tried to chew up any people stuff because that would make me “Marty the Bad Party” and bad parties aren’t any fun.

My foster mom says I am very good at sit, stay, come, wait, etc.  She says I am a very smart dog, as most Border Collies are, and I just want to please.  Although other Border Collies may need a lot of exercise, I am content to be with my person and would be happy with a few short walks a day.  Of course, I wouldn’t object to a longer walk either.  I walk fairly well on a leash and only pull for exciting new smells.  (You’d understand if you had my olfactory receptors.)  I don’t care about or chase squirrels, so I might be okay with cats.  I have not been around kids but I’m pretty mellow and probably would do well with calm, older kids.  Oh, and I love to go for car rides!

I am quite the Velcro dog, wanting to be with my person more than anything else in the world.  Although I am a Velcro dog, I am not an in-your-face kind of guy.  I am just happy to lie next to you wherever you are.  Of course if you move, I will follow.  I think I’ll do best with someone who works from home or someone who is home most of the time.

I am good about being in my crate while you are gone, but more than four hours may be too much for me.  I will “kennel up” on command.  When my foster mom leaves, she tell me to “kennel up” and “guard the house” then she gives me a little treat and I am perfectly happy to wait quietly until she gets home.  About five minutes after she returns, I will remind her to let me out by barking.  Otherwise, I never bark.  I do not jump up.  I will occasionally hug your leg for pets and that’s it, I never to try to push you over or get in your face.

I would do very well as an only dog with a family who gives me all the attention I crave.  I might do well being trained as a therapy dog because I am very sensitive and just love people.  I might also enjoy agility work, though, truth be told, I could be quite content being a couch potato.

I get along well with other dogs, but I don’t really play with them.  I prefer the company of people so if you’re hoping to adopt a dog for your other dog to play with, I’m probably not a good fit.  I just want a person or two to call my own.

When I first arrived from South Korea, I was missing most of the fur on my feet, legs, tummy, chest and tail. Most of my fur has grown back now, except for a tiny rat part on my tail.   Also, I just finished heartworm treatment.

Could I be your new best friend?

Marty was adopted on May 27, 2018





Sex: Male
Age: 5 years old
Weight: 40 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Probably; Kids: 10+
Availability: Now