HI!  I think that my name’s Knucklehead.  At least, I hope that it’s Knucklehead.  That’s what She calls me when she rubs me on my head.  I squinch my eyes and wag my tail and hope that She never stops!  Or maybe my name’s just MK.

I’m a lab/Golden cross.  I’m mostly like a lab though.  I have a bushy tail and some bottom feathering.  I walk like a lab and talk like a lab and mostly think like a lab though I do have my sensitive side.

I love to chase tennis balls.  I bring them most of the way back, but I don’t want to actually let go of them unless you trick me by throwing a different tennis ball.  Then I bring that one back and trade back and forth until I get tired and just go off and start chewing at the tennis ball.  I can wreck a tennis ball really fast!

I live with other dogs, but would be just as happy to be an “only” dog.  I don’t like pushy, get-in-your-face dogs.  I’d love to live with cats.  I’d probably bark at them and chase them and have a really good time!

I’m a happy eight and one-half year old boy.  I love living inside.  I’ve only ever had one inside accident since I came to Her house and that was the very first day I arrived.  Well, I did pee at the vets I’m ashamed to say.  It just seemed like the thing to do!

We had a thunder and lightning storm the other night.  That woke me up in a hurry and scared me a whole bunch!  I tried barking and whining and howling to make it stop.  Didn’t work.  I’d be happy to never have another thunderstorm again!  I don’t love the 4th of July, either.

Guess what?  I can talk!  I make miserable puppy noises to remind Her when it’s almost time for me to eat dinner.  I bark at my playmate to let her know that It’s Time to Play!  I bark and chase her; I bark to keep her running; I bark when she chases me.  I just love the sound of my big, deep bark.

So – about my health.  I had one ear infection when I first came to Golden Bond Rescue but that was the only one.  I also had to have three teeth pulled because no one taught me how to brush my teeth.  I went to sleep at the vets and when I woke up three teeth were gone.  They told me that the reason my hind end hurts sometimes is that my right hip isn’t very good.  She gives me Cosequin and pain medication and I’m good to go! I also had a pretty nasty infection on my tummy, but that’s finally cleared up so I’m a healthy guy.  Oh, yeah.  I lost a bunch of weight and now weigh 73 lbs.  I’m looking Good!  I’m feeling good, too.  That extra weight I used to have added to my pain.

Speaking of going, I love to go for walks and walk very nicely when I wear my Gentle Leader.  I also love to ride in the car and look at all the traffic.  I don’t do much sleeping in the car; there’s too much to see.  However, I take in the scenery quietly.

You want a buddy who will talk to you, walk with you, play ball with you and just generally be a happy companion?  I’m your guy.  I’ll love All your friends, too, large and small.  Kids are the best!  Old people rule!  Men rock and women roll!  Bring everybody on!


Marty was adopted on August 31, 2017

Sex: Male
Age: 8 years old
Weight: 73 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Unknown; Kids: Yes
Availability: ADOPTED