Marley was a wonderful dog and I miss her!  I feel lucky we got to be her parents.

She was my retirement companion and we enjoyed so many hikes and spent the day together.  She got degenerative myelopathy at the end and became incontinent and couldn’t stand up or walk.  It got worse and worse for the last year of her life and we had to clean up after her and cover our house with carpet runners so she could get around.

I would take her on shorter and shorter walks to her favorite spots, and the last little loop we took at Tryon Creek was maybe 1/4 mile and her backend collapsed underneath her six times.  So I also took her swimming in the creek at the end, although I had to half carry her to the edge. It was deep enough that we could really swim. Funny but I don’t think she ever swam until we adopted her. She didn’t seem to know how to do it. I had to coax her into a deep still pool on the Deschutes River and get her to swim to me- then she seemed to realize she really liked to swim and loved to go rafting and to our local creek.

Thanks for matching us up!



Marley is great. She is very expressive!  She doesn’t bark but she talks – sort of like Chewbacca.  She seems to be asking if she can get up on the couch when she looks at me and then the couch and makes that inquiring Chewbacca noise. Also when the little (14 pound) pug is in her bed and she wants me to get her out.

We took her fishing and she jumped right out of the boat to go swimming. Then she jumped in again to swim out to a passing boat of fishermen.  She was shiverimarleyng so much after that I had to put my raincoat on her and lie on her to warm her up. We are taking her to a mountain cabin this weekend which she will love. I take her hiking in the woods at Tryon Creek Park and she really loves that. Thanks for taking her in.

Marley was adopted on November 5, 2016.




Marley’s Available Story:

marley-2716Hi everybody, I’m Marley (#2716) and let me tell you a little bit about me.

First off, although I’m 11 years old, I am in terrific shape for my age.  So don’t let that scare you off.  Even my vet can’t believe I’m 11!

Secondly, I’m not a Golden.  But I’m a very beautiful Chocolate Lab.

Oh and thirdly, I am nothing like that dog in the movie Marley & Me…I am just a wonderful, mellow, very well-mannered girl with lots of life left in me.

I walk perfectly on a leash, I know just about any command you could give me . . . okay maybe not roll over or speak, but I’ve got all the basic commands down and follow them beautifully.   I don’t jump up on people, beg for food, steal food off the table or the counter and I don’t chew up inappropriate things or dig.  I ride nicely in the car and love, love, love to be brushed.  I don’t really like to chase balls, but I do love a couple of moderately long walks a day and maybe would love to have someone who would jog with me.

marley-2716-newI was surrendered by my previous owners due to serious illness.  They were heartbroken to give me up, but they wanted me to have a new home where I would get the attention, exercise and care I need.

I live with two dogs in my foster home and we all get along great.  But we don’t really play with each other.   However, I should probably be in a cat free home as I have not done well with them in the past.  I’m not sure how I would be around kids, as I haven’t been around them, but I probably would do well with older ones.

I’m a pretty perfect older dog, and way young at heart, but I’m really missing one thing…that’s a new furever home.  Could it be with you?

Notes from foster mom: Marley is a great dog who is in great shape.  She really needs to be exercised every day.  Her previous owners sent along A LOT of toys and other stuff which will go with Marley when she is adopted.  She is such a good girl.  She deserves a great new home.  If you give her the love, attention and exercise she needs, you won’t be disappointed.

Sex: Female
Age: 11 years old
Weight: 65 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: No; Kids: 10+
Availability: Adopted