Molly came here two years and 13 days ago, a small, confused, trembling dog who had been surrendered to Golden Bond Golden Retriever Rescue. I had no idea how old she was––nobody did—but based on the white around her muzzle and eyes she was past her prime. She used her second chance at life well, wrestling with Dickens, running in the back yard, riding in the car, sniffing the ground everywhere we went, and training me to pet her whenever she wanted attention.


She enjoyed good health for a senior dog until recently when her kidneys began to fail. She rallied after we started treatments, but the past few days have proven we were only delaying the inevitable. We fought the good fight, but today it was time to concede defeat. This morning the vet came to the house and eased her suffering.




Molly (nee Marley, aka Molly Don’t Eat That It’s Disgusting) will join Daisy (Miss Daisy), Winzer (Winfields Sweet Dreams Winzer, CGC, CD), Dancer (la Contessa), Imp (Imperious), Beau (the Red Healer), and Steve (Official Dog of the 1984 Olympics) at the Bridge.


Marley came to our hoMarley2421bMarley2421me about a month and a half ago. I changed her name to Molly, which seemed to fit her better. She’s adapting to the way we do things here (we do not, for example, allow dogs to walk around on the dining room table) and we have ongoing discussions about eating things off the ground and pushing her five-year-old doggy buddy, Dickens, out of the way when she wants all the attention. Molly and Dickens play several times a day, and when they’re done she retires to a crate, which she took to her first week here as if she’d always slept in one. She’s good on a leash, loves riding in the car, and might actually be half Golden, half barnacle judging by how she sticks to me sometimes, moving around the house.

Marley was adopted on September 16, 2015.

Marley’s Available Story:

Marley 2421Meet Marley (#2421).  Ms. Marley is a 5 to 7-year old Golden mix.  She is a very friendly girl, but she needs work to rid her of some bad habits, including daytime yard reconstruction and evening conversations with the moon.  Marley will be looking for a home where she can get loads of daily exercise, tons of positive reinforcement and loving human companions who can make arrangements to ensure she has someone with her at all times.

Sex: Female
Age: 6 years
Weight: About 75 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Yes; Kids: 10+
Availability: Adopted