I adopted Mario on December 27, 2018. I wasn’t expecting to adopt another golden so soon after adopting Stella (GBR #3064), but when my yellow lab, Magoo, passed away unexpectedly the day after Thanksgiving, I decided to keep an eye out on the Golden Bond website for another golden that I thought would be a good fit with my little family. I knew I needed to have a dog that would be good with cats (I have 3) and one that wouldn’t be too excitable inside my house. After reading Mario’s biography, he sounded perfect and I decided to take a chance and put my application in for him. I figured that a lot of people would be applying for him and that it was a long shot that I would be chosen. I tried not to get my hopes up too high. So when I got the call from Kris, the foster mom, telling me that she had chosen me, I was so excited! She said she liked that I went to the dog park every day, and that is the life she wanted for Mario.

And she was right — Mario absolutely loves the dog park (Grandview Off-leash Dog Park in SeaTac, Wa). He is like a puppy there, even though he just turned 6 years old. He greets everyone as if they are his best friend. There are no strangers in Mario’s eyes! He runs and wrestles, chases the ball, beats up random sticks, and rolls on the grass with unabashed glee. And he knows exactly who has treats in their pockets!

But back at home, Mario is a gentle, quiet boy. He comes in the house and settles down immediately. He is very sweet and has a big, tender, heart of gold. He gets along great with my cats, and he and Stella have really bonded. And they are so cute together! She is very short and he is very tall, so they are quite a pair.



Besides our daily trips to the dog park, we had a wonderful day at the ocean where Mario got to dig, run on the beach, and play in the surf to his heart’s content. And he has become an “ambassadog” along with Stella for Golden Bond Rescue. We had a fun meet-and-greet at a local Mud Bay and Mario had a great time representing Golden Bond and getting petted. We have several more trips to the ocean planned, more meet-and-greets, and whatever other fun adventures we can think of.

Mario is the sweetest boy and he is a wonderful addition to my family. I can’t thank Golden Bond enough for all the work they do rescuing goldens and golden mixes. And a big thanks to Mario’s foster mom, Kris Anderson, for taking such good care of him and for choosing me to adopt him!!


This sweetheart is Mario (#3132).   Mario is looking for a forever home where he can celebrate the holidays as well as his sixth birthday on January 16.   Mario was surrendered to GBR because his owner is moving out of the country.

Mario’s foster mom reports that he is doing great and she can tell he has had training.  Mario enjoys long walks with his human, a gentle pat on the head, back or belly, cats, stuffed rabbits and any kind of weather.  He gets excited in new situations but settles down . . . eventually.  He’s a delightful, energetic boy.  Isn’t he precious?  We think so.

Mario was adopted on December 27, 2018

Sex: Male
Age: Almost 6 years
Weight: 76 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Yes; Kids: Unknown
Availability: ADOPTED