My name is Manuel (#2931).  I arrived from China on April 29th. I’ve been told that I am “a classically beautiful, midsize Golden with the personality to match.”  My foster family calls me “Mr. Happy-Go-Lucky” because I am always grinning and am an optimist about everything happening around me.

I am healthy, housebroken, and know how to come and fetch. Tennis balls are the BEST, and I’ll keep bring them to you as long as you’ll keep throwing them. I’ve just learned to sit and am showing great promise on leash, already learning to heel and rarely pulling on my lead; I’m just happy to get to walk with you! My favorite activity is decorating the backyard with toilet paper, but sadly, my mean, mean foster family has only let me do that once.

I get along very well with my Golden Retriever foster sisters and love to initiate play. My favorite companions, though, are people. I adore being brushed and petted and would be quite happy to never leave my person’s side. I sleep through the night for 8-hour stretches in my crate, and I wake up ready to play, play, play! I need reminders not to be mouthy while asking for play time — a behavior that will need training and consistency to break — but I am easily distracted from trying to play tug on people’s clothes and arms by a tossed ball in the backyard, a stuffed animal to hold, or going for a walk. I really love food left out on the counters or kitchen table — and am athletic enough to get at it (RIP, ham sandwich) — so if you don’t want me to counter surf, it’s best to keep food items pushed back or put away.

I like to think that I will make an incredible addition to someone’s home. I would be an ideal hiking or backpacking buddy, or could make for an excellent agility dog. I’m eager to please, quick to learn, have intervals of high energy followed by enthusiastic naps, and would love to find a forever family who will adore me as much as I will adore them.

Manuel was adopted on June 2, 2018

Sex: Male
Age: 2 years
Weight: 56 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes: Cats: Unknown; Kids: 10+
Availability: ADOPTED