I adopted Maggie Mae from Golden Bond in October 2017. Her wonderful foster parents, Tani and Richard Draper, took such care for this little girl, who was neglected. We didn’t know really how old she was. Maggie came and lived in our city neighborhood, enjoying walks in the Arboretum, Lake Washington parks.

Maggie was a quiet girl, and loved ‘nesting’ in her pile of blankets, pillows and stuffed animals. She would do her happy dance and continued to dance even through the last few weeks, when she wasn’t feeling well. Her spirit is so missed and I am so grateful I had her for 3 years. I always adopt older dogs and will continue to do so.

Maggie was a love, and thank you to Golden Bond for saving these sweet spirits.




Maggie Mae is another example of a sweet spirit, who was nursed and nurtured back to health and happiness by Golden Bond and her foster parents.  I adopt senior dogs, and when I learned about Maggie and her history, her foster parents brought her to my house to meet.  Immediately, I fell in love!  Maggie Mae came to her new home at the end of October….and found her two dog beds, sheets and rugs to nest in, and my green chair to nap in whenever I leave the house!

Maggie loves her two 40 minute walks a day, roaming the backyard staring at squirrels, greeting friends and neighbors who give her treats and hugs.  She loves play time, it seems, right before bedtime…..her hair is growing back, and she wears her coat out in the cold and rain to protect her skin….she obeys signs to come, sit, stay, down, and “shake’ her paw…we celebrated Thanksgiving, with a houseful of family and friends…..Maggie is loved, happy, so sweet and such a tribute to Golden Bond and the amazing foster program.  Thank you for a match made in heaven.

Maggie Mae was adopted October 24, 2017