Maggie Sue Stine

2006 – 2018

Maggie knew things.

Maggie was 8 years old when she arrived at her forever home from Golden Bond Rescue.  She was full of life, joyful and had lots love to share. We knew she came with a few infirmities and still recovering from a major hip operation. Her surgical hair loss was beginning to grow back very nicely in a gorgeous red color. She had also been born with a short, squiggly tail. She could not wag it like a regular Golden but boy she sure could wiggle it, and she wiggled it a lot. She shared her lust for life with her new forever family from the very beginning, rushing across our living room to greet her forever people, tongue hanging out to the side and grinning in typical golden fashion, slobbering everywhere. She immediately made herself at home.

Maggie knew things.

As we got to know her better, we experienced some rather magical moments. She began to show us that she knew all the basic commands, including some hand signals. She seemed to have an uncanny knack of fulfilling our unspoken expectations. We learned that we could speak to her in normal ”people” sentences and she always seemed to know exactly what we wanted. Sometimes all it took was a nod of the head or a pointing of the finger that she knew what to do.  Ken came to believe that Maggie was not 100% golden, but maybe had some “angel” mixed in that helped Arlene recover from an illness. Whatever Maggie was, it worked.

Maggie loved nothing more than her daily walks around her neighborhood. It became a daily routine that she looked forward to, and knew when it was time to go. She looked splendid in her “beautiful red dress”.  When it rained or snowed, she wore a raincoat or jacket to keep her warm. During the winter holidays, she added a string of festive blinking lights. She looked beautiful and she knew it!

These walks were part of her recovery as well as Arlene’s … and Ken’s. People along the route came to know and greet her, especially children who often rushed out their front door to greet her as she passed by.  Maggie would return their joy by licking every exposed part of their little bodies, beginning with their faces. She made them giggle. Maggie loved her little kids and always welcomed them with a big “golden” kiss, and a very long, wet tongue.  Sometimes she invited them to join her for portions of her walks.

Maggie knew things.

She also loved her toys whenever when she needed to entertain herself. Over the years she accumulated quite a pile of all sorts, all eventually devoid of their squeakers. Whenever she got a new toy, it would take her only moments to find and disable the squeaker. She seemed to take great satisfaction finding those squeakers carefully hidden by the top toy makers.  Maggie also loved going to her large toy pile and picking out one to keep her busy for a little while. Her first choice was always a “chicken”.

Maggie knew things.

Maggie knew when it was time to go to bed. She would arise from watching TV with her human friends, walk down the hallway and find her spot beside Arlene’s side of the bed. We tired placing a cushion in she sleeping spot, but she never slept on it, preferring the floor. Her snoring helped lulled us to sleep. At first we thought she slept through the night. Over time, however, we came to realize the after we fell asleep she made rounds of the house, checking all the wastebaskets. Her favorite “find” were Ken’s tissues and seemly swallowing them whole. We would find them “whole” in the backyard several days later.

Maggie knew things.

She knew what time it was, time for breakfast and dinner. She knew she always got a hard-boiled egg for lunch with the rest of her family. She knew where her treats were kept but never bothered them until it was time. When it was treat time, she went to her dining room bed, laid down, and waited patiently, never taking her eyes off the pantry shelf where her treats were kept. She loved her food and treats.

Maggie knew things.

Maggie knew we loved her. We feed her well and on time. We brought her treats and toys that squeaked, gave her lots of belly rubs and took her on her daily walks. She had this special way of asking Ken to rub her tummy: She would come to him, turn around backwards, backup and then plant her butt directly his feet or in his lap. There was no alternative but to rub her tummy. Sometimes Maggie would sleep or wait for her pets laying on her back with all four paws extended straight up in the air. It made us laugh.

Maggie knew things

Over several years she began to gradually lose her mobility due to the pain caused by arthritis and hip dysplasia. We gave her pain medication and weekly acupuncture to help with the pain. Even so, her walks gradually became shorter and shorter, more and more painful, and finally stopped walking altogether. She had a hard time just getting up from the floor. Four beds were scattered around her home to make her as comfortable as possible, wherever she was. She never displayed any signs of pain, except a limp that showed up overnight, even though it must have been extreme at times.

Maggie had suffered many, mostly unknown, traumas during her lifetime, but always seemed to land on her feet. Yet, she had made herself immediately comfortable in her new home and forever in the hearts of her people. From the very first night, until her very last breath, Maggie was next to her people, and napped where she could see us no matter which direction she looked to keep track of those she loved, or alert her whenever one of the cats tried to drink from her water bowl. One gentle “woof” was all it took.

Maggie knew things.

Maggie seemed to know the end of her painful journey was near as her body finally began to shut down. She finally lost her battle and life on March 31, 2018. We had Maggie for what seemed like a very short four years, not nearly long enough to love such a very kind, gentle being.  She took our hearts with her to her new forever home, and took along everyone else’s hearts that knew her. Her life has been memorialized with a garden plaque and small tree in her honor. Paintings of her by friends and photos by Ken hang on our walls in tribute to sweet Maggie.  Though she was with us for only the last four years of her life, we still see glimpses of our beloved Maggie in all her old haunts, sometimes just out of the corners of our eyes, and then she disappears again. In our hearts we are still waiting for her to come back to her forever home and stay just a little longer. We know she is out there somewhere trying to find her way back.

Maggie knew things and taught us the things she knew.

She knew love, patience, fortitude, and loyalty. Our Maggie will never be forgotten for all her gifts she gave to us so freely … never ever.

Maggie was adopted on March 27, 2014.

Maggie Maggie has quickly adapted to her forever home. She loves her new forever people and stays near them all the time. When she awakes in the morning she approaches her people and does a little dance (jig) in front of them with a big smile on her face and vocalizes a greeting that is warm and happy. Maggie loves scratches and especially belly rubs.

Maggie is taken for a walk every evening; this is to help her recover from her surgery to fix her hip and help with her arthritis. She is making good progress and becoming stronger every day. But her infirmities don’t slow her down. She loves to go outside and play with her many toys. At last count, she has four beds spread though her home. – nice and cushy. At night, she sleeps (and snores) on a cushion right next to Arlene’s bed.

As we have gotten to know Maggie, we have discovered that she already knows many commands: come, sit, stay, and seems to understand everything we tell her, often to our great surprise.. We are constantly discovering new voice commands that we haven’t taught her. She seems to know instinctively what we want her to do.

We have quickly fallen head over heels in love with Maggie, and vise versa. She is a very loving and happy friend to every one she meets, even complete strangers. She is simply a joy to have around and is a true comfort. She seldom barks but only to get our attention and help us understand her dog talk.

Maggie is the best companion we have ever had. We can’t imagine that there has ever been a dog as great as Maggie.

Ken and Arlene Stine


Maggie 2394A

Maggie’s Available Story:

Maggie (#2394). This beautiful miss came to GBR when her owner passed away. After mourning her original owner for over a week, she picked herself up. dusted herself off and became the very happy loving Golden she is in this picture. Golden Bond took her to the vet to have her nails trimmed, get her vaccinations and then x-rays of her hips. It was then discovered that she had severe hip dysplasia on the right and as a result of that, has severe arthritis in her left hip. She also has a kink in her tail at the very base and her tail is only about 6-7 inches long. So it is believed that most of these deformities are congenital and she has adapted to life this way, which has made her front legs veery strong,. She has no trouble going up and down stairs. Dr. Alex, from Milner Veterinary Hospital, performed a Femoral Head Osteotomy (FHO) on her right leg to relieve that pain, and she is getting walks to help build some muscle on the right side so it will take over for the arthritic leg.

Her personality is soooo sweet that everyone she meets falls immediately in love with her. She “talks” to her people and makes sweet growling noises while she rolls on her back. She will bark in a new dog’s face as if to say “I may look weak, but I’m not.” This would be a concern for a dog who would not like that to happen. At her foster home, she has a large passive male Golden who takes it from her and a male schipperke who only takes it occasionally. She doesn’t fight, and would probably get beat up if she did this to the wrong dog. She really isn’t aggressive.

Maggie is eight years old and weighs in at a petite 56 pounds. She is all golden and loves to have soft toys to carry around and greet you with. She will make a loving addition to a quiet household.


Sex: Female
Age: 8 years old
Weight: 60 pounds
Attributes: Fine with other dogs; cats: unknown: kids: has been around a six year old child
Availability: Adopted