A Day in the Life of Scout Holman

I, Scout Holman, wake each morning between 7:30-8:00 a.m.  I begin my day with some easy yoga moves.  My favorite, of course, is Downward Dog. After a sprint downstairs I head for the oasis called the backyard.  My first job is to check the perimeter of the yard for any trouble like bunnies, birds, and such.  After this job is completed I cheerfully greet any and all morning walkers and bikers with a friendly yet firm bark.  As the neighborhood’s favorite dog I am met with smiles and friendly shouts of well wishes.

Now, my breakfast is served.  Priscilla, one of my humans, insists on cooking for me.  I allow this only because she loves me so much.  Once I’ve eaten my home cooked meal it’s time for my walk in the neighborhood greenspace.  Secretly, I believe, my humans had this created just for me. As a student of nature, I so enjoy exploring this trail. The flora and fauna just fascinate me. Each day is like the first time with new sights and smells to delight me. In my mental journal I log all that I observe. I spy trees, flowers, a slow moving stream, and curious tall long legged dogs my humans call deer. They must be a new breed.  They never speak to us just watch us then they scamper off to parts unknown.

After this long walk/run we return home.  I usually nap for a bit to recharge as they say unless Priscilla or Walt need me to chase the ball for them.  They love this game.  I try to humor them and play along.

Next, it’s time for work, yes, I have a job.  I help Priscilla weed the flower beds, prune the flowers and trees  as needed and generally provide emotional support to Priscilla.  She is easily upset by the sight of slugs and snails in the flower beds. As the sun moves to the middle of the big blue bowl we call the sky we settle down to read on the cool patio.  My people enjoy petting me while they read. Although I enjoy this time with them I cannot really rest.  I know I must always be on alert for the dreaded intruder,” The Cat”.  They call her Pepper.  They say she is harmless, however, I worry about any creature with green eyes and a slow moving tail.

Late afternoon calls for a nice dip in the little blue pool. I cleverly place my toys in the water for a spell only to recover them later. They are wet and fun to throw around the yard.  Once my toys are spread out under a large tree I relax and Priscilla or Walt brush out my sunny yellow mane.

At long last the dinner dishes are cleaned up and we relax to watch CNN.  Wow!  What a world you humans have created!  Walt looks forward to a final walk around the neighborhood with me.  As the ambassador for Happy Valley, I bark and smell any and all bushes and shrubs we pass on this walk. Now, it’s late and time for me to go to bed.  I hope you have enjoyed this journal entry.

Maeve/Scout was adopted on June 2, 2018