Macy (adopted November 2006, died February 2017)

Macy – adopted, in part, to be a “good influence” on our unruly male Golden – became a law office “partner”. She went to the office most days and would lie under the desk and commando-crawl out to greet clients.  She was even allowed to attend some court-hearings.

At home, Macy would sit on the couch with her human mom and bark, “she’s mine!!” at her Golden brother Buddy if he even thought about joining them. While reserved and shy when she met new people she quickly became their best friend, demanding belly-rubs and head-scratches.

Macy lived to be well over 13 until she succumbed to cancer. We were able to make her last days comfortable and she had time to say goodbye to her entire law office family, 3 “aunts” and an “uncle”. She passed quietly over the Rainbow Bridge on February 1st. We miss her dearly.

Jay and Sue