Isn’t he handsome?! We just returned from a week in South Carolina during which time our daughter stayed here and cared for Mackie.  It’s no new news…..he has won his way into ALL of our hearts! In fact, as I write this, I’m on the family room floor where Mac and I usually share our morning coffee time during the week days…..BUT!…. Mackie has chosen to stay curled up on the floor in the guest room beside his ‘still sleeping’ sweet sister!!!! Yes, he got up for breakfast, said hello to me, checked out the living room (where his dad hangs out the most!) then went back and curled up beside his ‘last-week buddy!!’

I swear my husband and daughter are dog whisperers! They’re NOT the ones who groom him, make vet appointments, make sure his daily allotment of sweet potatoes are either purchased or cooked…..OR…..did they do the research with GBR to even GET him….AND……have a hard time following up on training rules!….!!!

B U T …….he LOVES them both!!  (Oh, don’t get me wrong…..he hangs close to me all week and gives me TONS of loving feedback….I do think it’s quite endearing how he sticks with them.  They’d feel like I got it all if he hung with me always!!

Can you tell we LOVE, LOVE LOVE him??!!

A couple of opportunities we still have ~ and continue to work on are getting into a car and meeting other dogs on our walks.  I believe we’ll be able to conquer the car thing just with repetition (he hiked half way up Mt. Pisgah with us and a puppy last week) and got right back up into my car afterwards, but he wouldn’t go near the car this week to do the hike again.

So he has a little hip issue?  My husband limped a bit as we walked around Charleston!! No wonder they’re a pair!

Mac was adopted on April 6, 2018