I said goodbye to my sweet Lucy a few weeks ago.  Just a month or so short of 14 years old.  She had been slowing down and I knew her time with me would soon be over. None the less she still enjoyed her life of naps, treats, and lots of love.  One morning after eating it was obvious she was struggling and after an emergency vet visit I learned she was experiencing a twisted stomach.  It was time to let her go. I was so thankful my son was with me as well as a wonderful vet.

Lucy came to me in October 2014. I had just lost my 13 year old pup and wasn’t quite sure I was ready for a new friend but I decided to put my application in at GBR.  Then came the home visit….Lucy was a new foster and she came along just to see how she handled a new place….well that’s what they told me! Since she was older and had a misshaped foot and I was ready for her to come home ….that how my life with Lucy began.  We had a few bumps but once we got the fence gates reinforced and remembered she loved to counter surf (she would eat ANYTHING ) life with Lucy was an adventure and a joy..what a love️. Missing her terribly but adjusting to not having my girl to take of.

Thank you for the wonderful work you do rescuing Goldens both locally and in China.  I love following your stories of caring for so many pups and finding them loving homes.

Lucy was adopted on October 6, 2014.

Lucy’s Available Story:

Lucy (#2462) is a healthy, active, seven year old female golden retriever.

She has been in foster care for about two weeks.  She went first to a family where it was discovered that she was too interested in their two cats.  So, she moved to a second foster home where she met the two resident goldens.  She gets along well with them, and takes part in their play sessions.  She also got along with a visiting nine year old girl and 10-month old puppy.

During her time in foster care, she has been treated for an infection in her right rear foot which is deformed from birth.  The infection has been cured and she walks and runs normally like any other golden.  She has also had her teeth cleaned by the vet.

Lucy enjoys her walks and heels well wearing a Gentle Leader head collar.  She travels well and quietly in the car.

She needs a little help with some of her house manners.  If food is left unguarded, she may counter surf.  She uses her nose to explore unlatched doors and have a romp outdoors.

Lucy is very friendly and loving to all humans, likes to give kisses and be close to you wherever you are.  She will give years of love and pleasure in a new home.

If Lucy sounds like your golden, please call Golden Bond Rescue.


Sex: Female
Age: 8 years old
Weight: 85 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: yes, Cats: No; Kids: 10+
Availability: Adopted