I wanted to write and let you know about Mookie (formerly Lucky) .

We very sadly had to say goodbye to our sweet, beautiful, silly Mookie on December 21, 2016. He had cardiac hemangiosarcoma. Losing him so suddenly was a complete shock. And even more so, as we had had to say goodbye to our 16 year old dog, Shasta, three months earlier in September. Needless to say, it has been a transitional and sad time in our household the past few months. We just miss them both so very much 🙁  

Tim and I know Mookie was meant to be with our family and we are so thankful for Golden Bond Rescue and the amazing work you do. Through your caring time, knowledge and diligence, you are able to place just the right dog with just the right family. We are forever grateful to have had Mookie in our lives. He made us laugh and smile every day and we know he and Shasta are running and playing across the Rainbow Bridge.

Thank you again for all you do.

Very sincerely,

-Kelley & Tim

Adopted July 16, 2009

1900_lucky_1Mookie (formerly Lucky #1900) came to us as a foster dog in June 2009….and we adopted him in July. From the moment he came through the gate, he captured our hearts with his sweet face, gentle nature and happy attitude. In the beginning he was fairly mellow for an 8 month old Golden Retriever puppy. Thanks to the help of a great vet in Bend, we realized this was because he had a few health problems, including allergies and something we’d never heard of called panosteitis. With time, a diet change, daily walks (or hikes and swims), and lots of fetching & retrieving…he has improved immensely! He may always have allergies, but the panosteitis has run it’s course. And Mookie is now a very energetic, on-the-go 10 month old Retriever!

He LOVES living with another dog. And, well, our 9 year old Samoyed tolerates him more and more each day, and even allows him to sleep next to her now. She is very patient and calm, and helps let him know “the rules” and what is OK and not OK. They walk wonderfully together and receive many compliments, lots of people are surprised to hear they’re both rescue dogs.

1900_lucky_2In two and a half months, Mookie has been on many adventures, including a road-trip to Lake Tahoe (where he learned to swim), a stay in a hotel, camping (where we continued to witness his love of and obsession for water!) and many outings in Central Oregon. We enrolled both Mookie and ourselves in a dog-training class to teach all of us the ways to raise a well-adjusted canine. He was definitely the class clown amongst the Chihuahua, Bichon Frise and Labradoodle! He has a true Golden nature, and you can’t help but smile as he stares at you with those deep, soulful eyes, wanting to please and love you.

Thank you, Golden Bond, and all of the wonderful volunteers we’ve worked with throughout the fostering & adoption process! We feel Mookie is meant to be a part of our family, and we can’t imagine what life was like before him!