Luke (a.k.a. Lucas) has settled into our household very nicely. Before we adopted him, we had heard many stories about him misbehaving. So as not to fool ourselves, we anticipated the worst. But thanks to the many things his foster mom taught him, and patience and diligence on our part, he’s doing much better than we could have expected. There was a bit of adjustment required on my part to get used to a one-year-old dog, but Luke was so sweet and generally well behaved that the transition didn’t take too long. As a younger dog, he still has some things to learn, so we’ve been working with a trainer to help him learn good manners but still be himself. We don’t want to change who he is, we just want to ensure he behaves well with others. He’s quite good with us–or he’s just trained us to think so!

Luke spends his days lounging in his window seat, chasing squirrels in the backyard, playing with his plush spider, going for walks, riding in the car (a real favorite), enjoying countless treats, and snoozing near us. He has us wrapped around his adorable, furry, little paw, and we couldn’t be happier!

Shannon & Patrick




Hi, my name is Lucas and I am so excited to be in the United States that I may just bowl you over with my enthusiasm! I’m about a year old and am a happy, happy, happy boy! You want to do what? I’m game! Go to the beach? I’m game (if you keep me out of that loud funny tasting water). Got something on the kitchen counter? It’s mine! FUN is my middle name!

Lucas is a very enthusiastic dog and definitely needs more  training, as do lots and lots of young Goldens. His foster mom has been working with him on his leash manners (he loves his leash) and how to behave in the house. He will make an excellent dog for someone, or a family, that is active and can give Lucas the amount of exercise he needs.

From Lucas’ foster mom:

Lucas is a one year old golden that came from China on June 25.  He is a beautiful dog who needs to work on learning manners in his new home.  He gets along with other dogs but would probably not do well with a cat.  No children since he nips at feet and hands.  He walks well on his leash.  He likes the water but not the ocean.  He does need regular exercise, but understand he gets a lot of it (and so do you) when you are chasing him around the house because he has your “dish towel” (insert any strange item you can think of) in his mouth.

Lucas was adopted October 3, 2017


Sex: Male
Age: 1 year old
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Unknown; Kids: Teenagers maybe
Availability: Adopted