Louisa, #3449, now nicknamed “Weezie”, came to us in February 2021 from China. She had been described as shy and timid but also very affectionate. We knew we could offer a quiet and stable home where she could gain self-confidence. She has blossomed with us and become a total love sponge although she still needs to be more confident in the outside world.

We have help: her best doggie friend is Phryne, another GBR-sponsored Chinese immigrant who has been in the US for several years and lives with her own GBR adopter Mom nearby. Phryne taught Weezie to explore our yard, chase squirrels, climb stairs and to be less afraid of new things when Phryne is with her. Weezie has also learned a few less desirable things but so far has not tried Phryne’s counter surfing technique.