Lincoln is a 5-year old male golden who arrived from China on January 21st. He is  medium size and weighs 57 lbs. He does well with other dogs and is pretty indifferent to cats (just keep an eye on the cat food……). He has not been exposed to young children but has done well when meeting people when he goes out for walks. He is good when meeting other dogs and just wags his tail to say ‘hi’!

Lincoln has been fostered with 2 other goldens and has gotten along fine with them. He loves to play fetch and will actually bring the ball back to you! He will chew on a nylabone or ball and does not chew on loose items around the house. He will lay in the pet bed when told to. He is not clingy but does like to be close by and will lay on the floor within sight of you.

This dog has the funniest groan when he is happy! This is his signature ‘I’m content’ message to you.

Lincoln has had a couple of small seizures when he first got to the US, but regular medication has left him seizure free. He will need to have his medication monitored to ensure the correct dosage.

Lincoln is awesome and will make someone very happy that they have taken the steps to adopt a great dog!

Lincoln was adopted on March 11, 2018

Sex: Male
Age: 5 years old
Weight: 57 lbs
Attributes: Dogs: Yes, Cats: Probably, Kids: Over 10
Availability: ADOPTED