Lily, the story of our first year and her adoption:

First, a little about Lily’s background.  She had been living in a car with a homeless person and had two smashed knees and her hind end was atrophied from lack of use.  The Humane Society where she ended up asked Golden Bond to take her. She didn’t want anyone near her because of so much pain. Golden Bond took her in, had major surgery done for her, and she lived with her foster, Jill, for about 9 months.

Adopting Lily wasn’t an easy process. She had recently recovered from surgery on both knees, and suffered PTSD from years of abuse and severe pain. She was fearful of people and aggressive to other dogs. She learned that if she bared her teeth and growled, she would be left alone.

After a month of meetings with Jill, her foster Mom, she was released to our custody on August 9, 2016. We took her home, not knowing what to expect, but glad to give her a good forever life. We began working with a trainer, Cindy Ehlers, who taught us how to get her to cooperate and turned us on to flower essences to treat her fear, anxiety, and lack of confidence. We found that she loved to walk….uphill, downhill, and that helped us bond with her. Her PTSD still emerges at unexpected times–if you give her too much affection, or just look at her wrong. It is hard to predict.

She had one thing she loved–a stuffed toy bone that I bought and gave Jill, that she has always thought of as a present from Jill. She loves to play keep away and fetch with it. It seems she was taught commands but never socialized. So we can’t take her in public, or to a dog park. As long as strangers don’t talk to her or try to pet her, she will tolerate them.

I know we will be working with her the rest of her life. But over time, she has accepted us and we have accepted her. Over 99% of the time, she is a perfectly normal golden retriever, but she has that occasional unexplainable moment when she snarls. She has never bitten.

We have been getting her used to traveling and she loves to go, loves to spend the night in a dog-friendly hotel. A little sensitive to the noise so I got a “white noise app” and she sleeps like a baby.

We are learning so much from her in patience, unconditional love and acceptance. All in all, she is a great dog with a great personality. Even though I can’t yet groom her, or rub her belly, I have hopes for the future. She is a beautiful dog and we are lucky to have her.


Lily was adopted on August 9, 2016.

Lily’s Available Story:

Lily 2639My name is Lily (#2639) and I have a special story to share with you. When I lived with my original family, we moved frequently and lived with many different families. Unfortunately, I was abused by several strangers and learned the way to get people to stop hitting me was to curl my lips and when that didn’t work, I need to bark and snap so they’d leave me alone. I never try to bite because loud bark keeps people away.

My original family finally turned me into the Oregon Humane Society where I stayed for almost a month. It was hard for me there because I was so scared with the loud noises and I didn’t know anyone. The people at OHS asked Golden Bond Rescue to take me because I was doing so badly in a small kennel and the ligaments in my knees were torn.

I was so scared when I went to my foster home and I didn’t want anyone to touch me – I was afraid of these strangers and my knees hurt so badly.  My foster family gave me my space, didn’t try to pet me, and didn’t force me to do things that scared me. If I was comfortable at the moment, I would let them know to pet me and my foster family would only give me a couple of pets and stop. As time went on, I would ask to be petted more and more. Plus, as I recovered from two knee surgeries, I began to notice that my foster mom and dad weren’t going to hurt me.  I also noticed that my knees didn’t hurt any longer and the other dogs in the house weren’t threatening either. Now I will let my foster mom cuddle me, brush me, clean my ears and just love me. I still get scared if a stranger approaches me or if someone leans over the top of me.

I am now ready to find my forever home. I will be nervous when I first meet you and probably will not come to you looking for pets. If you’re patient with me and give me LOTS of time to adjust, I will be the best girl you’ll ever want. The best way to get to know me and gain my trust is to ignore me and let me come to you bit by bit.

I would like to be in a quiet home and go on walks, though please don’t take me on long hikes. I could live with another dog IF that other dog was really laid back and didn’t expect me to play or hang out. I absolutely love to ride in the car but I don’t like strangers approaching the car and will bark at them. All my foster mom has to do is to say, “Hey, hey now” and I stop.

Can you be patient with me, love me and give me a forever home?

Sex: Female
Age: 6-7 years
Weight: 72 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Depends on other dog; Cats: Unknown; Kids: No
Availability: Adopted